American universities revolt against Washington’s unconditional support to Israel

American universities’ revolt against Washington’s unconditional support to Israel continues. Previously, presidents of most prestigious universities like Harvard were forced to resign and donations were cut because of their permission to students to protest Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Nowadays, students of Columbia University take school square to make their voices heard. Students do not want the university to cooperate with companies helping Israel’s crimes. Almost 100 students were detained due to participating protest. Not accepting unjust bevavior of university management, academicians joined the protest yesterday.

An end to US complicity in the genocide of Gaza remains students and academicians’ focus, they insist, despite media attempts to divert attention to issues like student safety or free speech.

Meanwhile, Italian students protested for a free Palestine, joining in solidarity with Columbia University students. New York mayor Jamal Bowman also said “I condemn any potential police action on Columbia University‘s campus. As an educator who personally experienced the over policing of our schools, this is personal to me. We must resist right-wing demagoguery and stop suppressing peaceful protest if we are to keep students safe.


On the other hand, The University of Minnesota just ordered janitors to shut off water supply, lock bathrooms and lock doors to Coffman Union where pro-Palestine protests have set up an encamptment.

It is witnessed that pro-Israeli social media accounts deliberately discredit protests by calling them “Pro-Hamas”, ignoring that almost 35.000 civilians were killed in last six months.

As an another attempt, US congress, with the pressure of Jewish lobby, passed a bill to close  TikTok or force the Chinese parent company to sell it Jewish businessmen. TikTok is the most influential social media platform creating awareness about Palestine’s suffering. Jewish businessmen want to buy it in order to silent it and make a profitable investment.

Majority of American youth support Palestine against Israel.

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