A new spyware by the Israeli cyber intelligence company Intellexa has been discovered!

This spyware called Aladdin is very different from the others. It infiltrates your phone through adverts that appear instantly on websites.

So, let’s say you entered a website to read the news. Within seconds, adverts appear at the bottom, right and left of the screen. Aladdin comes up with an advertisement containing spyware like those adverts and infiltrates your device even though you do not click on the advert or anywhere else. You also do not realise that it has infiltrated. Android, iPhone, Windows does not matter. It infiltrates them all. Even if you use the most up-to-date one.

According to the information revealed, there is nothing that the spyware cannot obtain from your phone after infiltration. It can instantly switch the camera, microphone and location on and off, take instant media recordings, take photos, access your contacts, read all your correspondence and conversations…

There is no way to block this spyware that uses ad exchanges. However, experts believe it can work if ad blockers are used in browsers.

Looking at what Aladdin does, it seems to be no different from Pegasus and Predator, but the infiltration method is completely different.

This Aladdin spyware from Intellexa, which has made a name for itself in the last two years, is sold only to intelligence services. But we don’t know which ones have it. Israel is definitely using it, I’m sure of it.

We will hear more about this new type of spyware in the multi-billion dollar cyber intelligence sector. Previously, we learnt that the Sherlock spy software of Insanet, also an Israeli company, was infiltrated by the same method.

Quoted from @ersincmt

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