America shows its interests as universal values, says Victor Orban

Hungarian prime minister Victor Orban has heavily criticized American foreign policy.

According X account @nxt888, Orban used following words;

“One of the Americans’ strengths is their ability to present what is really an American interest as a universal value.

This seems such a small trick. But it has serious consequences in intellectual terms, because if you base foreign policy on values while hiding your interests behind it, then you have erased the possibility of meaningful dialogue.

After all, one is not trying to align interests, but one has to accept the high values postulated by the other side.

You cannot mount a defence against what you know are actually the unspoken American interests behind them, because then you would be arguing against those values.

This is the game that goes on day and night. The Europeans have also mastered this: when they talk about European values, the interest of one of the big European countries is usually behind them.

In both cases the essence is the same: we cannot have meaningful discussions on major foreign policy issues, because no one is willing to commit themselves to representing their interests.

Interests can be aligned, values cannot.

The nature of disputes over values is completely different from disputes over interests.”

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