ANP Afghanophiles War on Pashtun

Pashtun is an ethnic group of people mainly residing in Northwest Pakistan & parts of Afghanistan. After 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Pashtun of Afghanistan migrated to Pakistan. Since then around 7 million Pashtun came to Pakistan & reap benefits from Pakistan federation. Due to Pakistani Pashtun integration into Pakistan institutions specially military. Pakistan policy always tilted towards favouring Afghanistan’s Pashtun population over majority Tajik, Uzbek & Hazara population of Afghanistan.

Pakistan also directed all support from its allies United States, Saudi Arabia & China to strengthening Pashtun in Afghanistan. The reason Pashtun Taliban or Pashtun Mujahiden had been invincible is because of Pakistan favourable policies towards Afghani Pashtun. But since Pakistan decided to withdraw its support & decided to treat all Afghanis equally without any pro Pashtun racial bias. The Afghanophiles in Pakistan a type of person who favour Afghani Pashtun more than Pakistan federation has declare war against the Pakistan federation.

In Pakistan ethno fascist political parties are dividing Paks, Eastern Pakistan also now known as Bangladesh was broken away from Pakistan federation in a conflict incited on bases of ethno fascism. The ANP & MQM are two political parties affiliated with India & Afghanistan that play its role in inciting people towards violence based on ethnic antagonism in Pakistan. MQM was disintegrated into small factions. ANP lost all its presence in political system in 2013 elections in Pakistan. They recruit teenage kids from schools, colleges & universities. They brainwash them & use them to incite racial violence & other subversive activities against Pakistanis.

Both parties claim to be secular to gain funds from Western donors mainly United States, But does secularism teaches you to be racist, ethnic supremacist group & a violent militant group? How can United States justify its support to such groups while domestically America discourage such racist behaviour & violent organisations who promote violence based on race & ethnicity. United States funded news media networks are at the forefront of supporting such subversive campaign against the 200 million Pakistani nation.

Pakistani nation is deeply disturbed at this American regime behaviour. Pakistan recently shutdown operations of Radio Mashaal, involved in extremely hateful racist propaganda against the Pakistani nation. Pakistan is also considering to blacklist Voice of America, Radio Deewa & VOA Pashto are involve in instigating racial violence and black propaganda against the Pakistani State. Pakistan consider such American provocative behaviour an open declaration of hostility.

VOA is U.S. regime propaganda network similar to Russia Sputnik radio. Radio Deewa & VOA Pashto are propaganda networks similar to ISIS propaganda. What they publish & broadcast targets Pakistan citizens. VOA aim is to destabilise Pakistan for USA government, Pentagon & the CIA. Pakistan should takeover operations of such hostile propaganda networks & blacklist individuals affiliated with it. In US, Russian media is blacklisted for hostile propaganda. By Takeover Pakistan can transform hate, disinformation and racist black propaganda into realistic, factual coverage of Pakistan.

India & US recruitment drive is running successfully. India hired a paedophile known as Masti Khan from Germany & branded him as a Baloch activist. US recruit ANP Afghanophiles & branded them as Pashto activist. Pakistan is well aware of its enemies mischievous behaviour. The Pak will be taking names. United States meddle in other countries affairs with support to rebellious elements & with their propaganda networks.

United States bankroll Afghanistan with more than 50 billion every year. A significant amount of this money goes to funding anti Pakistan terrorism & propaganda campaign. Pakistan hold United States responsible for financing such elements in Afghanistan who are destabilising nuclear armed nation of Pakistan. If a incident of a extreme magnitude happen due to American financing subversive & militant organisations then United States will bear sole responsibility for it. Due to Afghanistan extreme infiltration into Pakistan due to its 3.5 million refugees population in Pakistan, Afghanistan may attack Pakistan nuclear power plants or attempt to steal sensitive weapon & handover to Taliban or ISIS to use against Pakistan or United States military installations in the region specifically U.S. military headquarters in Qatar. The presence of Afghanis in Pakistan is a national security threat to both United States & Pakistan.

A part of anti Pakistan campaign led by Indian origin US ambassador at the UN who is ashamed of her Indian heritage and recognise herself as White Caucasian Nikki Haley, While she’s adore by ignorants, Pakistan know her reality & intentions. As Rex Tillerson is out of State department for calling Trump, a moron & disrespecting Pakistan in statedept gatherings that he find difficult in dealing with Pakistan & North Korea. Next should be Nikki because she’s not white & have foreign affiliation with Indian regime therefore not fit for the job.

India & Afghanistan destabilising behaviour in the region with support from United States will have reprehensible consequences for all of them. The offensive nature of India & Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions in Washington aim at disturbing US- Pak historic alliance. Afghani ambassador & his staff tweeter handles are actively participating in supporting subversive activities against Pakistan. India manages hostile individuals of BLA & ANP through Afghanis, In a clandestine process these individuals are then branded as Pashtun & Baluch activists working for VOA and other organisations affiliated with US government.

Afghanistan’s intelligence NDS, when it was unleashed with American tax payers billions, they decided to unleash terrorism campaign inside Pakistan in collaboration with Indian intelligence, NDS carry out major terrorist attacks inside Pakistan following the path of KHAD, A Soviet sponsor intelligence agency responsible for hundreds of terror attack in Pakistan during the 1980s. Also in 1980s Afghanistan regularly target Pakistan Pashtun population with Soviet scud missiles. Today There’s only one nation that’s Pak nation rest were buried in hell when Pashtun rejected Bacha frontier Gandhi attempt to annex North West Pakistan with India. Today’s Afghanophiles desire to enslave Pakistani Pashtun for Afghani criminals & their Indian sponsors.

When TTP was formed by Afghanistan with American money. It had alliance with ethno fascist ANP, Later both didn’t get along so well. The objective of TTP was to destabilise Pakistan so that US could attack Pakistan nuclear weapon sites. It failed terribly. Pakistan military annihilated TTP, TTP was formed of 90% ethnic Pashtun of Pakistan bordering region with Afghanistan, 10% were Uzbek, Arab. It was Afghan & Indian intelligence pet project.

When Swat was occupied by TTP, The local Pashtun population was enslaved by TTP gang. TTP picked up school girls & dishonoured them. Sexual deviancy & crimes aside. There’s also an issue of narrative, To satisfy our religious & ethnic supremacist groups we tend to say ” Terrorism doesn’t have a religion or ethnicity ” While we all know terrorists who had been killing Pakistani are Muslim & Pashtun. In Afghanistan teenage Pashtun boys are sex slave, In Europe Pashtun teenagers are involved in prostitution. Is this what Afghanophiles desire for the honourable Pashtun of Pakistan to be? To be like them? “I am ashamed about what I do for money, but I will tell you,” he says. The Pashtun refugee speaks. “The option was to stay in the park and have sex with older men, or anyone … that asked for it for five or 10 euros ….” More Here

TTP attacked a mosque in Rawalpindi where children’s of armed forces personnel were brutally killed by Pashtun militants of TTP. In Peshawar TTP Pashtun militants killed 150 children’s of the Pakistan army. Previously they beheaded a lot of soldiers of Pakistan army. After Pakistan eliminating TTP now ethno fascist Pashtun group ANP aim to revive war against Pashtun & Pakistan by brainwashing, recruiting Pashtun into becoming agent of Afghanistan, India & America.

After US invasion Al Qaeda escaped Afghanistan they came into Pakistan they connected with local radical TTP groups & declares war on Pakistan setting off worst period of terrorism in Pakistan history. Pakistan President Musharraf said to U.S. If you want me up there block these guys from coming into Pakistan, I’m ready to do it. I dont want these people in my country. Mush said what are you doing? You are chasing these people in to my country. There’s so many valleys that they can come through. It ended up destabilising Pakistan. But Pakistan also eliminated 1100 Al Qaeda terrorists & handover 700 to United States justice system. Bin Laden death also highlighted destabilising presence of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Recently Pakistan began fortifications of its border with Afghanistan. Its scary situation that among 3.5 million Afghanis how many miserable Bin Laden followers are hiding & planing attacks against United States & Pakistan.

Pakistanis had been advocating for Pashtun participation & leadership in Afghanistan. While Tajik in Afghanistan were saying to CIA after 9/11 attacks, Kabul is not a Pashtun city help us take it from Pashtun Taliban. With US support Kabul fell & Pashtun were not in charged. They were kicked out & anyone with Pashtun ethnicity was massacred by United States backed alliance of Non Pashtun forces. ISI said to Bush how bout you chose Hamid Karzai to be the President of U.S control Afghanistan, because we think he’s a Pashtun, We would be comfortable with & it would satisfy Pashtun population of Afghanistan. But Karzai turnout to be a snake like rest of the Afghanis & directed all American resources into funding TTP & attempted several times to manipulate American’s against Pakistan. In my previous writing i wrote bout this degenerate Afghani behaviour. More here why-pakistan-must-stop-harbour ing-usa-enemies/

CIA murdered a Pashtun Taliban suspect, CIA was not following the recommendations that U.S. army was following that the Taliban is not the enemy. CIA abusing Abdul Wali lead to his death & they pay 2K to his family. Pashtun are discriminated & targeted as Taliban in Afghanistan. In Pakistan Pashtun are living their best lives. Thats why majority of Afghanistan’s Pashtun population seek shelter in Pakistan, There’s no discrimination in Pakistan. Discrimination exist in eyes of those who believe in racial supremacist ideology. Paks lives as brothers.

Here are three most wanted Pashtun TTP terrorists hiding in Eastern Afghanistan:


Up to $5 Million Reward

Date of Birth: 1974

Place of Birth: Swat, Pakistan; Kuza Bandai village, Pakistan

Sex: Male

Citizenship: Pakistan

Aliases: Fazal Hayat; Mullah Fazlullah; Mullah Radio

Terrorist Group(s): Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan

Terrorist Group Designations:
State Department FTO: September 1, 2010
State Department SDGT: September 1, 2010

Individual Terrorist Designations:
State Department SDGT: January 13, 2015
UN listing: April 7, 2015

Maulana Fazlullah is the leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a terrorist organization based in the tribal areas of eastern Afghanistan. TTP has historically maintained close ties to al-Qa‘ida. Since being appointed by the group’s central shura council in November 2013, Fazlullah has organized and directed several TTP attacks against Pakistani interests and has publicly blamed the United States for military operations against the group.

In December 2014, Fazlullah’s operatives carried out the most lethal terrorist attack in Pakistani history when its operatives killed 151 people, including more than 130 children, during an attack against the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan. In 2012, Fazlullah ordered the failed assassination of Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai who promoted girls’ right to education and publicly criticized Fazlullah and the TTP.

Abdul Wali

Up to $3 Million Reward

Sex: Male

Citizenship: Pakistan

Aliases: Omar Khalid Khorasani

Terrorist Group(s): Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan

Terrorist Group Designations:
State Department FTO: September 1, 2010
State Department SDGT: September 1, 2010

Abdul Wali is the leader of Jamaat ul-Ahrar (JuA), a militant faction affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). He reportedly operates from Afghanistan’s Nangarhar and Kunar Provinces. Under Wali’s leadership, JuA has been one of the most operationally active TTP networks in Punjab Province and has claimed multiple suicide bombings and other attacks throughout Pakistan. In March 2016, JuA conducted a suicide bombing at a public park in Lahore, Pakistan that killed 75 people and injured 340.

Mangal Bagh

Up to $3 Million Reward

Sex: Male

Terrorist Group(s): Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan

Terrorist Group Designations:
State Department FTO: September 1, 2010
State Department SDGT: September 1, 2010

Mangal Bagh is the leader of Lashkar-e-Islam, a militant faction affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). His group earns revenue from drug trafficking, smuggling, kidnapping, raids on NATO convoys, and taxes on transit trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Bagh has led Lashkar-e-Islam since 2006 and has routinely shifted alliances to protect illicit revenue streams while enforcing an extreme version of Deobandi Islam in the areas of eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan that he controls, particularly Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Born in Khyber Agency, Pakistan, he is believed to be in his mid-forties. Bagh is a member of the Afridi tribe. He studied at a madrasa for several years and later fought alongside militant groups in Afghanistan.

A recent murder in Karachi by police was exploited by treacherous ethno fascist ANP & Ashraf Ghani, President of U.S. control Afghanistan went on Twitter rant trying to portray this murder an ethnic discrimination against Pashtun, While in his own country Pashtun are kill on an industrial scale. Since 2001, Half a million Pashtun were brutally murdered by United States, NATO & its allied Tajik & Uzbek Afghanistan regime. Also millions of Pashtun were force to flee to Pakistan, Those who were caught were taken to CIA black sites or secret prisons & brutally tortured to death.

The ethno fascist party ANP, also exploited this murder to incite people towards violence & to demonize & discredit Pak federation. In previous elections ANP was wipeout from federations political system due to its racist ideology & failed governance in Northwest Pakistan. ANP now coming up with ludicrous demands of closing law enforcement checkpoints to facilitate 100 thousand Afghanis affiliated with narco traffickers, militias, foreign intelligence services to enter Pakistan much easily. These Afghanophiles should be incarcerated for at least 6 months. During the course they should be introduced with mind altering drugs like LSD & magic mushrooms, The reprogramming of these hostile individuals is necessary to safeguard the society from these evil individuals.

ANP is trying to create an atmosphere of mistrust in the nation towards security and intelligence organizations. While Army & law enforcers are putting their lives at stake to curb the facilitators, abettors, financiers and sympathisers of the enemies. Pakistan has always been strong and today it is invincible. Pakistan shall not hesitate from going to any extents to ensure its national security. Pakistan is fully aware of all covert and overt intrigues and intentions of its enemies. Gone are the days when Pakistan could be blackmailed by enemy proxies, Criminals & terrorist will be dealt with iron fist. These hostile individuals should be boarded in a military plane & fly over the mountains of HinduKush & dropped.

Pakistan has had enough & will retaliate in a befitting manner & hurt its hostile enemies where it hurt the most. Pakistan won’t compromise, Pakistan Directorate S is the covert action arm of the ISI, its paramilitary arm, similar to the paramilitary division of the CIA. Its officers tend to be ex- Special Forces commandos, they are specialists in military tactics and training and can teach guerillas how to operate. When Pakistan retaliate then its enemies & its agents wont have any place to hide. Americans are being manipulated by Indians & Afghanis they need to be more independent & realistic in forming its strategy towards Pakistan.

Pakistan province of Punjab & its people are being demonized by ANP & other US funded organisations. While 100 million people of Punjab recognise themselves as Pakistani, The people accept millions of Pashtun migrants into the Punjab province. Pashtun are well integrated in Punjab. The people of Punjab want other Pakistani to accept their efforts & sacrifices for Pakistan federation. Pakistan is for all of us, becoming enemy agent in harming your own federation. Pashtun, Baluch & Muhajir need to be at the forefront of identifying such enemy proxies & countering their propaganda campaign & supporting federation & law enforcers to eliminate our common enemies. We’re Pakistani, our sectarian, religious & ethnic affiliations are secondary. And if we’ve to chose between Pakistan & secondary identities then we chose Pakistan. Its our homeland. We build nuclear weapons to secure our home & we wont let enemy divide us & takeaway our honour.

Representatives of all the peoples and religions live in Pakistan like one family. There is no discrimination in Pakistan. This is Paks great asset. Pakistan is a very stable, modern, developing country with a clear vision for the future. The unity of the people and government, right policy and achievements stand on the basis of stability reigning in Pakistan. All fundamental freedoms will be further ensured in Pakistan and the people of Pakistan will live in an atmosphere of freedom. Pakistanis have to prevent enemies attempts to incite racism, subnationalism & ethnic antagonism in Pakistan. There is security and stability in Pakistan, The source of this stability is the will of the Pakistani people and the unity between the people.

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  • My parent’s are Pashtun & Muslim, But my identity is truly Pakistani, Pakistan is homeland of Pashtun tribes. We live in a secure, peaceful & a progressive atmosphere. In Islamabad, The native of the area treat us as brothers. This racist ideology of ethno fascist Pashtun doesn’t have any space in Pakistan. Afghanistan interference in our society affairs is bad. It’s like these people of Afghanistan want to hurt and takeover Pakistan, our lifestyle everything for their gains.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Army Zindabad
    Pashtun belong to Pakistan
    Pakistani are brothers
    No hate
    Peace ✌

  • Afghanistan’s Pashtun are such a disgrace to our people. We treated them as brothers and look what they’ve done to us. They kill other ethnicities in Afghanistan, harbour terrorists from all around the world. We Pak Pashtun are with Pakistan federation for the past 200 years and it helped us tremendously in terms of prosperity of our Pashtuns.

    Pakistan Army liberated Pashtun from Afghanistan backed TTP mercenaries. We’re thankful to Pakistan armed forces for their sacrifices and stand by them. General Qamar Bajva is a honourable person. We Pashtuns of northern Pakistan respect his leadership. Pakistan armed forces should do extensive bombardment of eastern Afghanistan and eliminate all these terrorists.

    Pashtun are with Pakistan Army