Armor penetrator EBABİL almost ready

by Sertaç AKSAN

Although everyone’s eyes and ears were on projects such as tanks, UCAVs and missiles at the IDEF’23 Defense Industry Fair, the presence of companies developing extremely critical technologies for the battlefield in the background was also remarkable…

The Ebabil technology developed by HC R&D, one of the exhibitors at the fair, is one of these… General Manager Cengiz Durmuş claims that this capability is a first not only for Turkey, but also for the world. According to Durmuş, Ebabil will soon be one of the most talked about developments in the Turkish defense industry…

Applicable to all bullet diameters

Cengiz Durmuş first shares some brief information to help us understand the Ebabil more clearly. He points out that a bullet contains a capsule, a shell casing, gunpowder and a bullet core. Ebabil stands out as a technology applied to the bullet core.

Durmuş explains that bullets with Ebabil technology are much faster and have higher kinetic energy compared to the originals, and says: “This technology can be used for all known bullet diameters. From 6.35 to 175 mm howitzer rounds, it is possible to apply Ebabil to all of them.”

Penetrating the most used armor

The high speed and kinetic energy it possesses brings with it very critical capabilities. According to Durmuş, one of these capabilities is an increase in the range of the bullet, or an increase in the impact on the target.

Cengiz Durmuş says that HC R&D has been working intensively to develop this technology for more than 10 years, and claims that the capability they have achieved is unique not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Durmuş describes the system in front of the 50X50 armor steel in which they tested Ebabil, and concludes his words as follows:

“This material is generally used in the armor of personnel carrier vehicles. We fired at this material with steel-tipped bullets from rifles, 44 Magnum and even Smith Wesson 500, the world’s largest mass-produced pistol. There was no penetration, that is, there was no perforation where the shot was fired.

However, when we fire a bullet core produced with Abel technology with a pistol at armor that cannot be penetrated even with a rifle, the penetration can be seen very clearly. We do this at the speed that the bullet reaches thanks to Abel technology. We see that this highly destructive core pierces the armor steel like a cardboard.

The design of this product belongs entirely to us. It is a technology we produced and developed. We believe that we will see Ebabil, which can directly affect the balances in the field, in the inventory in the near future.”


Translated from TRTHaber.com.

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