Did Mossad kill JFK?

Matt Wallace

JFK was assassinated by Mossad. The evidence is overwhelming!

New JFK documents released in 2023 revealed Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA monitor (years before) was “Zionist spy” Reuben Efron, who had direct ties to the Israeli government. They kept that fact hidden for so long!

From the beginning of his term, John F Kennedy was fighting hard to stop the Israeli nuclear program and he did so until the day he was murdered!

“Declassified documents reveal that more than any other American president, John F. Kennedy was personally engaged with the problem of Israel’s nuclear program” – Wilson Center

Vice President LBJ took over afterward and not only allowed the nuclear program, but he massively increased arms sales to Israel and became the first president in U.S. history to invite an Israeli prime minister, Levi Eshkol, to the White House.

Some people claim his fondness for Israel came because he had some Jewish ancestry in his bloodline, but there is no evidence to prove that and not all Jewish people support the Israeli government.

LBJ also signed major bills shifting immigration away from Europe and more towards South America.

Furthermore, he implemented massive government programs that ended up decimating the poorest Americans. His policies led in large part to so many fatherless homes, particularly in black communities where the rate is shockingly approximately 50%.

He changed the federal government forever and set the downfall of the United States in motion.

Lyndon B. Johnson, an obvious Mossad plant who didn’t even need to win an election to become president in 1963, did more damage to the United States in a few years than possibly any other president in U.S. history!

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