Erdoğan increases Türkiye’s military deterrence, says his communication director

By Fahrettin Altun

Türkiye is rapidly increasing its military deterrence capabilities under the leadership of President Erdoğan. The latest example of this is our fifth generation fighter jet Kaan’s maiden flight.

We are incredibly proud of our country’s advancements in the defense sector thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of our military planners, engineers, programmers and other staff at Turkish companies. I want to once again congratulate everyone involved at TUSAŞ for this feat.

President Erdoğan’s vision for our country is propelling us to a future where we will be a lot more self-reliant in defense through indigenous projects. We will be able to deter enemies and contribute even more strongly to the security of our allies and partners around the world.

We have already made a lot of progress in our air, sea and land capabilities with many firsts in the past two decades; but there is still a long road ahead for developing the capabilities of the future. We will need to constantly adapt and adjust as warfare constantly evolves.

As we march forward in our quest to be a force for peace and stability in our troubled region, we must continue to give our national defense industry the resources they need to succeed. Being prepared for any eventuality is a geopolitical necessity for a country like ours.

Türkiye is ever more self-confident and resolved thanks to the progress we have made under President Erdoğan’s leadership. He has taught us that impossible is just a word. I am sure that his vision will guide us toward many more milestones.

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