For those with barking hearts, Gaza is a bone to bite

by Esra Elönü

“Gaza”, where life has been suspended indefinitely due to heavy bombing. They are so absent on the map that even a crumb of bread would not hit them. They had no lights, but they had windows overlooking Al-Aqsa Mosque, and its light was enough. Their belief in freedom was fresher than their bread… Because they were saturated with honor and truth. They were poor but not miserable, they did not complain, their reproaches were always to themselves.

Israel could displace them, but not from their homeland of faith. There was much that did not die in Gaza… As Netanyahu gets the message that “we are not going anywhere”, he attacks the children of the honey hive like a bear with foam at its mouth. O Netanyahu, the rotten intestine of Israel, blood will be drained from your veins, life will be sucked out of your throat, but our Palestinian brothers and sisters will not withdraw from the land you stole!

Now let’s come here! This is Turkey… The wolves of the Red Apple are in a drooling contest. The pillowcases who set up circuses and tents for each other every year in their own garbage, who fill their mummies of fame with their internal organs, rewarded each other yesterday.

They have wheels… Wheels greased with the same adjectives every year. The gears are looking for toothpicks tonight. The toothpicks are chattering in their mouths, they know the ground is slippery, so they can’t go on those stages without chains. The chain is ready! The chain is “temporary blindness”.

Be blind so I can see you while Muslims die… Be deaf so I can hear your voice… The messages they give to each other are much more valuable than the messages they give to the world. Can the one who is after what will fall in his wallet worry about the phosphorus falling on Gaza?… It couldn’t and it didn’t.

Yesterday, a game console woman… She rolled the words down the muddy road and left them by the wall.

She left her dog Loli alone at home. I don’t know, that dog may have forgotten itself at home because it knew what not to talk about. Or if the owner has become a dog of unscrupulousness, she might have said I’m not needed and didn’t come.

Anyway, at the same time that I was shouting for the dog she left alone at home, a mother in Gaza was shouting for the baby she left alone in the soil. Even a few sentences beginning with “those who contributed to the broadcast and production” could have saved his night.

He didn’t do that, he made fun of the time allotted to him by grabbing him by the throat and calling him a dog, not a baby, just to hurt him. This is how they were, these are the badgers of conscience who treat Gazan babies like dogs and their dogs like babies… Of course, our brothers and sisters in Gaza did not need the nonsense of this hungry mass of people who are fans of every fire, who rely on flashlights when the batteries of their glittering lives run out.

We don’t expect anything from you… Please make fun of your home aquariums, you cannot make fun of the pain of these brothers and sisters. You can’t say “My dog is at homeaah” by parking your nose in your mouth and patting it like a gum on your feet on the night they were torn to pieces.

You are just a hollow. Hollow… You are cavities opened by the system…

This award night, which is nothing but a swamp of lack of conscience, cannot be called the Golden Butterfly, it can only be called the Golden Fly…

Auto translated from star.com.tr with deepl.com 

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