Gaza genocide will destroy ‘flimsy credibility’ of world organisations, says Afghanistan


By Shakir Husain

NEW DELHI, Dec 3 (Bernama) — The genocide Israel is committing in Gaza will destroy the “flimsy credibility” of world organisations, the Afghanistan interim government said.

Afghanistan on Saturday strongly condemned the Jewish state for killing hundreds of Palestinians since resuming bombing on Friday after a weeklong truce.

The Afghan administration called on influential countries and “purported human rights bodies” to stop the ongoing genocide in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“The continuation of genocide in Palestine will dismantle the already flimsy credibility of international organisations and humanitarian conventions,” it said in a statement.

Israel has already killed or injured nearly 2.5 per cent of Gaza’s population since it began bombing the besieged Palestinian enclave on Oct 7.

The death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza has crossed 15,200 and 70 per cent of those killed are children and women while number of those injured is more than 40,600.

The Israeli military has destroyed scores of mosques, hospitals and schools while erasing entire residential neighbourhoods.



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