Germany Forces Covid Positive Nurses to Keep Working Until Symptoms Disappear

Germany’s Federal Government Agency overseeing Coronavirus fight forces nurses with positive Covid-19 results in nursing homes to keep working until symptoms disappear, a plea of a nurse on social media revealed.

Mariola Patrycja Andres shared a picture of herself wearing a mask provided by the German Health Minister on Facebook. “After a couple of deep breath, this mask gets soaking wet,” Andres complain in her post mentioning German Health Minister Jens Spahn as well. “Thank you for these amazing gifts, I could even laugh if so many terrible things did not happen,” the outcrying nurse continued in her a page long reveal. Mariola Andreas also made a shocking claim on her social media post. She said German Federal Agency, Robert Koch whom is at the forefront of Coronavirus fight in Germany forces workers at the Nursing homes to keep working despite having positive test results. Robert Koch Institute wants the nurses to work with protective equipment until their symptoms disappear, according to the claim. German health system has the biggest staff shortage in nursing homes for years. The government has been trying to lure nursing staff mainly from Balkan countries to make up the shortage.

Germany has been hailed as the most successful country in the Coronavirus fight since its death rate is at just under 3 percent, a much lower figure comparing to its European peers. Turkey is the only country among major European states that has lower death rate than Germany. However, Germany also has almost 50 percent recovery rate also.

Robert Koch Institute’s scandalous attitude drew attention to nursing homes through out Germany. Since elderly people have been the most vulnerable to novel Coronavirus, thousands of people at nursing homes through out Europe fell victim to it. There have been several reports on how authorities have discovered dead abandoned people in many nursing homes in European countries. Although Germany has not yet reported any wide infections in nursing homes, the policy of Robert Koch Institute might have caused wide range infections among elderly who are in need of care.

Mariola Anders’ post also drew attention to medical equipment provided by the government in Germany. Anders’ face mask clearly showed that masks provided the German state are not suitable in Coronavirus fight.


Activist and freelance journalist Tuba Sarialtin also revealed a fact that could show Germany is not doing so great after all in Coronavirus fight. Sariialtin said on social media that her cousin had Covid-19 symptoms and was given a test after an advice from a doctor on April 9th. The tests results arrived after 11 days, Sarialtin wrote on her Twitter account. Luckily, her cousin’s test result was negative but the incident revealed it takes much longer than usual in Germany to get Covid-19 tests results back.

Germany had so far 138 thousand Coronavirus infections and 4,093 people lost their lives. 71 Turkish-descent people have also been killed in Germany by the Coronavirus.

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