Germany’s women’s gymnastics team won’t wear sexual uniforms

Germany’s women’s gymnastics team wore unitards at the #Olympics to fight discomfort and sexualization, reports Al Jazeera.

Some athletes say the sport’s culture can promote objectification, and leotards can be a barrier for religious/cultural reasons: “Everybody… should decide what to wear.”

The team first wore unitards at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in April.

Sarah Voss, a 21-year-old  member of the German team, said;

“We sat together today and said, OK, we want to have a big competition,” Voss said. “We want to feel amazing, we want to show everyone that we look amazing.”

German team’s revolutionary decision is expected to be a trend among sportsmen.

On the other hand, some analysts also pointed out that sexual wear has not been in the agenda of feminists.

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