Hamas controlled more lands on October 7 than Israeli army did in 100 days

by Dr. Ali Demirdaş

The area in blue is the area that Hamas took control of on October 7.

The distance between Be’er Sheva and the West Bank border is 30 km. So, if it had been done with mechanized troops and not mopeds, Gaza and the West Bank would have been united, albeit temporarily.


All this against the strongest, most modern, and supposedly invincible army in the Middle East, crossing the most protected border in the world, using only handguns and rocket launchers.

I looked at the names of the soldiers and policemen killed on October 7, which were given a full page in the Times of Israel.
554 ranking soldiers and policemen. From battalion commanders to captains, 100s of ranks are dead or captured. Add to this the 500-1000 soldiers killed in the last three months and more than 3000 soldiers whose limbs were severed. Of course, these are official figures.

Most people cannot comprehend the magnitude and seriousness of what happened to Israel on October 7.

Militarily, psychologically, socially and economically, it is very difficult for Israel to cope.

In the coming months, the very existence of the State of Israel and the sustainability of the Israeli project will be called into question.

The only thing that sustains the YPG structure in Syria and Israel is American support. In other words, the stronger America is, the stronger Israel is. And, America is no longer as effective as it used to be.

After the 2024 presidential elections, America will no longer be the same America. We will see an America struggling with its own internal problems.

2024 will be a breaking year for the whole world.

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