Islamic banking in Russia is a great idea

Alexander Dugin

Islamic banking (IB) in Russia is a great idea, sovereign and multipolar, highly patriotic. Usury is an absolute evil.

The American poet Ezra Pound, who dedicated his magnum opus Cantos to the destruction of interest capital as an idea, reasoned as follows: God is eternity and time is the devil; profiting from time is the devil’s business. Therefore, financial capitalism is economic Satanism.

The Muslim theorists of Islamic Banking reason differently: everything belongs to God (Allah) and especially time. He who introduces interest on a loan appropriates what belongs to God for himself. This is Luciferian rebellion.

From the two different chains of inferences, we come to the overall conclusion: usury must be prohibited, the yoke of interest slavery must be removed. This is what IB is all about. It is called Islamic, but in other contexts it goes by other names: Douglas’s ‘social credit’, Gesell’s ‘free money’, etc. In our case, IB can be called the Russian monetary system, because Orthodoxy – and to a certain extent Christianity in general – categorically rejected usury. Werner Sombart traces when, how and where this prohibition began to be lifted and what it led to.

Islamic Banking thus simply reminds us of what we had, but lost at some point. Contemporary Russian economist Alexander Galushka’s idea of a two-cycle issue fits perfectly in this context.

Let us not forget that liberalism is the bane of humanity, even in economics.

In this case, the terms ‘Islamic’ and ‘Russian’ coincide in meaning.

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