Israel’s de facto veto power in UNSC

While many observer were busy following the #Iranian-#Israel “show”, something more significant happened. The #US was the only country to #VETO the recognition of #Palestine as a full UN member & sovereign state. What does this mean?

1) The US is not sincere when it says it adheres to the two-state solution, which suggests that this is only a tactic to buy more time for Israel’s expansion.

2) During at least the last 3 decades or so, the US has been promoting itself as a just and fair broker between the two parties. Although this is not the case, now everyone knows it as a fact. You can throw the just & fair narrative in the garbage bin.

3) The unprecedented number of US vetoes in support of Israel suggests that Israel effectively enjoys a veto power at the UN.

4) Those Arab countries that normalized with Israel, banking on two-state solution are out of arguments now. Nothing can justify their position. In other words, the US throw its Arab gov.s under the bus for Israel.

5) For so long, both the US and Israel have been trying to court Saudi Arabia for an explicit normalization deal. Yet, Riyadh has been openly insisting on the resolving the Palestinian issue, based on two -state solution. Now that the US made clear that it won’t let this happen, one would wonder what’s next for KSA & US & Israel.

6) The US’ actions are seen as a major obstacle to achieving real peace and stability in the region, and it adds to accusations of complicity in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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