Israel’s losses are more than its government declared

by @megatron_ron

Many Israeli journalists write that the number of dead israeli soldiers is no less than 2,985 soldiers, and the number of wounded is 11,600 soldiers.

That is what the spokesman of Hamas also said, that the truth will soon reach the Israeli public.

The government of Netanyahu is trying at all costs to hide the real numbers of losses in Gaza because the population in Israel is already boiling and constantly holding large protests. Many of these families have not yet received the news of the fate of their relatives who are attacking Gaza.

Judging by that Hamas has released many videos of the destruction of Israeli military equipment, these numbers are considered real.

The offensive in Gaza is currently at a standstill. The Israeli army has not been able to move for several days, and in some places in the north it has even begun to retreat.

In the north of the country, at the beginning of the conflict in the first 3 weeks, Hezbollah had 60 casualties. Then Hezbollah massively attacked the observation and military radar sites. Since then, Hezbollah’s losses have been reduced to almost 0. On the other hand, Israel continues to lose soldiers there.

As I already wrote about this conflict, it will be divided into 3 main phases. The first phase is in the hands of Hamas, to inflict as much damage as possible on the Israeli army before the start of the second phase, the Hezbollah offensive. The conflict will last for many years because the goal is to gradually and slowly crush Israel.

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