James Bond’s 007 number to be replaced with 018, Judaism’s luck and life number

Hollywood is about to give yet another privilege to a Jewish actor. As per rumors, British Jewish actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has reportedly been offered the role of the iconic superspy James Bond.

According to Jerusalem Post, agent 007, aka James Bond, may soon be changing his number to 018 – believed to represent life and luck in Judaism.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is an 33 years old actors playing in ordinary films. Many Hollywood critics think he does not deserve to be the leading actor in the next movie. However, since Hollywood film industry is controlled by Jewish businessmen, who promote and give priority to Jewish-origin actors, Taylor-Johnson will most likely be the next James Bond, critics add.

So many Jewish actors have made a great fortune and fame in Hollywood (as well as music world) despite that they are not qualified enough nor handsome/beautiful.

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