Manzoor Pashteen: A Messiah?

The turbulent 2018 began with United States President tweeter rant against Pakistan Federation for not doing enough to protect 15 thousands American troops in Afghanistan. Previously Trump advocated for complete withdrawal from wasteland Afghanistan due to Afghanis perpetual hate towards American presence in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump was influenced by former NSA McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Both of them were sacked by President Trump for failing to meet the goals Trump set for them. Tillerson previously expressed joylessness and difficulty in dealing with North Korea and Pakistan, Both had repeated terrorists sanctuaries in FATA accusations.

Trump brought Pompeo from CIA to takeover State department and Bolten from Fox News to serve as NSA replacing McMaster, Bolton previously served under Bush junior administration. Bolton believes United States can pressed China as it did successfully to deal with North Korea to force Pakistan to wage war against Haqqani Network and Afghanistan Taliban organization.

Pompeo is Trump, Yes Man, He’ll go to any length to protect his Boss, Donald Al Trump. Trump is turning more and more into Chicago legendary mob boss Al Capone, Trump started his career from New York, He scammed banks into giving him loans which turnedout to be bad debt and New York mob families were embedded in his construction empire.

Trump was destined to become President, Trump is not against Latin, South American or African American’s, Trump is ego maniac self loving individual. Once Obama hurt his ego in a White House gala and he responded by kicking Obama out of the office and becoming the President of United States.

Trump forced North Korea to end the fake persona of defiance and resistance and surrender the nuclear weapons. China played key role in it due to Trump keep pressing Xi Jinping to push DPRK towards conflict resolution. Next in list is demarcation of Israel’s border with upcoming independent State of Palestine, It’s indicative that Israel may maintain control of entire Jerusalem but keep allowing Jordan to maintain the custody of Masjid Al Aqsa, one of the holiest site in Islam.

Palestine authorities are in no position to dictate terms. They don’t have military means to liberate Jerusalem from Israel, Therefore GCC States recommend that Palestine take the deal and end the conflict.

The conflict in Afghanistan is what annoyed Trump, the most. He’s the money guy, He love money more than anything else. United States poured a trillion dollars into Afghanistan economy and the net result is that Taliban roam freely in Kabul, Afghanistan Army defect to Taliban, ANA sell American, NATO weapons to Taliban. Taliban organization controlled everything in Afghanistan, Taliban intelligence has infested every department of Afghanistan government. Taliban controlled 69% of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan government officials said that Taliban are Afghan and they wont kill Taliban, While President Ashraf Ghani called Taliban to contest in general election with him.

Pakistan Federation exist in a most violent region in the world. In East, India, A State infused with extremist Hinduism ideology that seek cleasing the country from Non Hindu population. Either killing Muslim, Christian, Sikhs or forcing them out to Pakistan, In 1947 & subsequently in part of Kashmir that India controls, India pushed millions of Muslims into Pakistan.

In West, Afghanistan, A State infused with ethnic supremacist rivalry. A hundred years ago newly created British empire vessel State King of Pashtun origin ordered extermination of 500 thousands Ethnic Hazara, Most of Mongolian clan of Turkic Hazara was killed, dis honoured and escaped to Pakistan, then under Britain controlled.

After Soviet Russia withdrawal from Afghanistan, Afghanistan become safeheaven for radical Islamist, Bin Laden moved to Africa and was involved in several terrorists attacks on American’s but the attack on U.S. embassy in Kenya was last straw to push United States to actively pursue and kill Bin Laden and dismantled his network of terrorism.

Africans pushed him out, He found refugee in Afghanistan, Bin Laden bankrolled Afghanistan regime in return. Then Khalid Sheikh Muhammed reachout to Bin Laden, previously his cousin Ramzi Yusuf, A radical Islamist of Arab origin attempted to take down World Trade Centre in 1993 but he failed and escaped, later he was arrested by Pakistan intelligence agencies and handover to United States. KSM studied in South Carolina and was familiar with United States.

The plan to take down WTC was hatched by KSM family and financed by OBL, In retaliation US flatten Afghanistan with air bombardment. Even before 9/11 attacks Pakistan pushed Afghanistan government to abandoned Bin Laden but they refused to do so.

General Mattis with his thousands of troops landed in Pakistan Sindh coast on his way to Afghanistan, In Afghanistan, Northern Alliance, A anti Pashtun alliance of Tajiks and Uzbeks allied itself with America, Overnight the ground situation was changed with Pashtuns pushed out and subjected to mass killings by Northern Alliance, Pashtuns were rounded up in thousands and killed by Northern Alliance militants.

When Soviet came to assist communist Najibullah regime of Kabul, Both killed 2 million Pashtuns and pushed 7 million Pashtun refugees into Pakistan, With American’s/ NATO 500 thousands Pashtuns were killed and 2 million Pashtuns were pushed into Pakistan, With them came Al Qaeda and his head Bin Laden under the disguise of Afghan refugees.

Northern Alliance formed government in Kabul, This was ideal time for United States to withdrawal. Afghanistan Pashtuns were punished for harbouring Al Qaeda, But US chose to bankrolled Afghanistan, “Afghanistan is not a country, its a geographic euphemism used to define a conflict zone. There’s no Govt, not citizenry, no territorial control, no rule of law, no economy or a national military Afghanistan Army is rebranded Northern Alliance” that’s how an online forum Defencepk, describes Afghanistan.

Initially United States poured as much as 100💲billions into Afghanistan every single year, The money was used to payoff Northern Alliance mercenaries, warlords and attenuated elite that American money created in Afghanistan, Afghan elite bought expensive real estate in Dubai & London with that money. They also needed to settle score with Pakistan, Pakistan forced communist Najibullah, Soviets out & supported Pashtuns.

NDS was formed, Official channels with India were established thus TTP was created. TTP, An NDS project to start destabilization of nuclear armed nation of Pakistan, FATA & Swat region was occupied by TTP, ANA & NDS were roaming freely. Thus Pakistan Federation began operation in Swat, 3 million residents of Swat was pushed out to cleanse the area from terrorists infestation.

General Haroon from Punjab region & General Tariq Khan, An ethnic Pashtun from Khyber region landed in Piochar valley with SSG, special forces wing of Pakistan Army, This was the beginning subsequently entire Khyber, FATA was liberated from TTP, Pakistan Army sacrificed more than 6 thousands troops in Pakistan war against terrorism that was imposed by Afghanistan.

February, 09, 2018, 2:45 pm, Afghanistan President issued a long statement in support of a protest in Islamabad, It was open declaration of war by Ashraf Ghani, In his statement he want destabilization of Pakistan Federation, He want mass protests in favour of Afghanistan, He called out his nation to support protests in Pakistan, He called out his State apparatus to support protests in Pakistan.

Afghanistan created an organization “Pashtun Protection Movement” Afghanistan refugees in Washington used their personal positions in American government propaganda media services regional chapters such as VOA Deewa, VOA Pushto, Mashaal Radio to propagate propaganda in favour of this organization. Afghanistan funnels hundred of million into PTM organization. NDS, mobilised Afghan refugee population to participate in these protests. Afghanistan State recruit Afghans who could speak Urdu to bombard Social Media networks with propaganda. It’s aim is to display themselves as representatives of South & Northwest Pakistan citizens to extort incentives for Afghanistan State.

Manzoor Pashteen also known as Manzoor Mehsud is Afghanistan top agent in all this campaign. He targets Pakistan citizens with propaganda, His aim is to discredit Pakistan counter terrorism efforts in Swat & FATA, Manzoor family was previously affiliated with TTP, After TTP was expelled from Pakistan, they regrouped in Eastern Afghanistan & rebranded themselves as Daesh, The same group that Afghanistan created to punish Pakistan now targets Afghanistan with ruthless targeting of Ethnic Hazara.

Pakistan citizens are outraged by Manzoor Pashteen PTM gang outrageous statements against Pakistan Federation & Pakistan Army, Here are few of videos uploaded all over YouTube condemning Manzoor Pashteen, Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement and Afghanistan.



Pashtun is an ethnic group of people mainly residing in Northwest, Southern Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan. After 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Pashtun of Afghanistan migrated to Pakistan. Since then around 7 million Pashtun came to Pakistan & reap benefits from Pakistan federation. Due to Pakistani Pashtun integration into Pakistan institutions specially military. Pakistan policy always tilted towards favouring Afghanistan’s Pashtun population over majority Tajik, Uzbek & Hazara population of Afghanistan.

Pakistan also directed all support from its allies United States, Saudi Arabia & China to strengthening Pashtun in Afghanistan. The reason Pashtun Taliban or Pashtun Mujahiden had been invincible is because of Pakistan favourable policies towards Afghani Pashtun. But since Pakistan decided to withdraw its support & decided to treat all Afghanis equally without any pro Pashtun racial bias. The Afghanophiles in Pakistan, A type of person who favour Afghani Pashtun more than Pakistan federation has declare war against the Pakistan federation.

In Pakistan ethno fascist political parties are dividing Pakistani, Eastern Pakistan also now known as Bangladesh was broken away from Pakistan federation in a conflict incited on bases of ethno nationalism. The ANP, PKMAP and MQM are some of those political parties affiliated with India & Afghanistan that play its role in inciting people towards violence based on ethnic antagonism in Pakistan. MQM was disintegrated into small factions. ANP lost all its presence in political system in 2013 elections in Pakistan but PKMAP, A subversive political party run by Mahmoud Achakzai, gain tremendous influence post 2013 elections in Pakistan, Mahmoud was granted governorship of Pakistan largest province of Balochistan, ANP, PKMAP & MQM recruited teenager’s from schools, colleges & universities, with aim to brainwashed them & use them to incite racial violence, political subversion in Pakistan.

“Internship, fellowship, youth camp, They are all for one thing only to indoctrinate youth with hate and hostility against Pakistan Federation. Hate is essential for donations, fundraising.  Radicalisation of youth through social platforms are used by all extremists, including religious, ethno supremist and irredentist ideologies. Half truths, distorted accounts of history are used to prevent reconciliation or empathy.” That’s how prominent Turkish figures Umut Acar & Ceren Yazgan describes Subnationalist, ethno fascist, ethno supremacist political movements based on NAZI movement principles.

Pakistani NAZIS created PTM, The youth wing of PKMAP, ANP, They all claims to be secular to gain funds from Western donors mainly United States, But does secularism teaches you to be racist, ethnic supremacist group & a violent militant group? How can United States justify its support to such groups while domestically America discourage such racist behaviour & violent organisations who promote violence based on race & ethnicity. United States funded news media networks are at the forefront of supporting such subversive campaign against the 200 million Pakistani nation.

Pakistani nation is deeply disturbed at this American regime behaviour. Pakistan recently shutdown operations of Radio Mashaal, involved in extremely hateful racist propaganda against the Pakistani nation. Pakistan is also considering to blacklist Voice of America, Radio Deewa & VOA Pashto are involve in instigating racial violence and black propaganda against the Pakistani State. Pakistan consider such American provocative behaviour an open declaration of hostilities & part of America’s coercive strategy to pressurized Pakistan Federation.

VOA is U.S. regime propaganda network similar to Russia Sputnik radio. Radio Deewa & VOA Pashto are propaganda networks similar to ISIS propaganda. What they publish & broadcast targets Pakistan citizens. VOA aim is to destabilise Pakistan for USA government, Pentagon & the CIA. Pakistan should takeover operations of such hostile propaganda networks & blacklist individuals affiliated with it. In US, Russian media is blacklisted for hostile propaganda. By Takeover Pakistan can transform hate, disinformation and racist black propaganda into realistic, factual coverage of Pakistan.

India & US recruitment drive is running successfully. India hired a paedophile known as Masti Khan from Germany & branded him as a Baloch activist. Later he defected from Baloch liberation network and spilled the beans bout India sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan province of Balochistan, US recruit Afghanophiles, ethno supremacist Afghanis & branded them as Pashto activist. Pakistan is well aware of its enemies mischievous behaviour. The Pak will be taking names. United States meddle in other countries affairs with support to rebellious elements & with their propaganda networks.

United States bankrolled Afghanistan with more than 50 billion every single year. A significant amount of this money goes to funding anti Pakistan terrorism & propaganda campaign. Pakistan hold United States responsible for financing such elements in Afghanistan who are destabilising nuclear armed nation of Pakistan. If a incident of a extreme magnitude happen due to American financing subversive & militant organisations then United States will bear sole responsibility for it. Due to Afghanistan extreme infiltration into Pakistan due to its 3.5 million refugees population in Pakistan, Afghanistan may attack Pakistan nuclear power plants or attempt to steal sensitive weapon & handover to Taliban or ISIS to use against Pakistan or United States military installations in the region specifically U.S. military headquarters in Qatar. The presence of Afghanis in Pakistan is a national security threat to both United States & Pakistan.

India & Afghanistan destabilising behaviour in the region with support from United States will have reprehensible consequences for all of them. The offensive nature of India & Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions in Washington aim at disturbing US- Pak historic alliance. Afghani ambassador & his staff tweeter handles are actively participating in supporting PTM subversive activities against Pakistan. India manages hostile individuals of BLA, ANP, PKMAP through Afghanis, In a clandestine process these individuals are then branded as Pashtun & Baluch activists working for VOA and other organisations affiliated with US government.

Afghanistan’s intelligence NDS, when it was unleashed with American tax payers billions, they decided to unleash terrorism campaign inside Pakistan in collaboration with Indian intelligence, NDS carry out major terrorist attacks inside Pakistan following the path of KHAD, A Soviet sponsor intelligence agency responsible for hundreds of terror attack in Pakistan during the 1980s. Also in 1980s Afghanistan regularly target Pakistan Pashtun population with Soviet scud missiles. Today There’s only one nation that’s Pak nation rest were buried in hell when Pashtun rejected frontier Gandhi attempt to annex North West Pakistan with India. PTM wanted to enslave Pakistani Pashtun for Afghani criminals & their Indian sponsors.

When TTP was formed by Afghanistan with American money. It had alliance with ethno fascist ANP, Later both didn’t get along so well. The objective of TTP was to destabilise Pakistan so that US could attack Pakistan nuclear weapon sites. It failed terribly. Pakistan military annihilated TTP, TTP was formed of 90% ethnic Pashtun of Pakistan bordering region with Afghanistan, 10% were Uzbek, Arab. It was Afghan & Indian intelligence pet project. US Resolute Support commander Nicholson mentioned prominently bout ethnic origin of IS-K in AFG, He said they’re Pak Pashtun, While Afghanistan, NSA simply call them foreigners because Afghani regime aim to create a Pashtun crescent against Pakistan federation therefore mentioning Pashtun will hurt their war efforts. TTP turned into Daesh and now bites Ashraf Ghani ass, Recent attacks on Ethnic Hazara in Afghanistan were conducted by Daesh.

When Swat was occupied by TTP, The local Pashtun population was enslaved by TTP gang. TTP picked up school girls & dishonoured them. Sexual deviancy & crimes aside. There’s also an issue of narrative, To satisfy our religious & ethnic supremacist groups we tend to say ” Terrorism doesn’t have a religion or ethnicity ” While we all know terrorists who had been killing Pakistani are Muslim & from FATA, In Afghanistan teenage Pashtun boys are sex slave, In Europe Pashtun teenagers are involved in prostitution. Is this what Manzoor Pashteen desires for the honourable Pashtun of Pakistan to be? To be like them? “I am ashamed about what I do for money, but I will tell you,” he says. The Pashtun refugee speaks. “The option was to stay in the park and have sex with older men, or anyone … that asked for it for five or 10 euros ….”

After US invasion Al Qaeda escaped Afghanistan they came into Pakistan they connected with local radical TTP groups & declares war on Pakistan setting off worst period of terrorism in Pakistan history. Pakistan President Musharraf said to U.S. If you want me up there block these guys from coming into Pakistan, I’m ready to do it. I dont want these people in my country. Mush said what are you doing? You are chasing these people in to my country. There’s so many valleys that they can come through. It ended up destabilising Pakistan. But Pakistan also eliminated 1100 Al Qaeda terrorists & handover 700 to United States justice system. Bin Laden death also highlighted destabilising presence of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Recently Pakistan began fortifications of its border with Afghanistan. Its scary situation that among 3.5 million Afghanis how many miserable Bin Laden followers are hiding & planing attacks against United States & Pakistan.

Pakistanis had been advocating for Pashtun participation & leadership in Afghanistan. While Tajik in Afghanistan were saying to CIA after 9/11 attacks, Kabul is not a Pashtun city help us take it from Pashtun Taliban. With US support Kabul fell & Pashtun were not in charged. They were kicked out & anyone with Pashtun ethnicity was massacred by United States backed alliance of Non Pashtun forces. ISI said to Bush how bout you chose Hamid Karzai to be the President of U.S control Afghanistan, because we think he’s a Pashtun, We would be comfortable with & it would satisfy Pashtun population of Afghanistan. But Karzai turnout to be a snake like rest of the Afghanis & directed all American resources into funding TTP & attempted several times to manipulate American’s against Pakistan.

CIA murdered a Pashtun Taliban suspect, CIA was not following the recommendations that U.S. army was following that the Taliban is not the enemy. CIA abusing Abdul Wali lead to his death & they pay 2K to his family. Pashtun are discriminated & targeted as Taliban in Afghanistan. In Pakistan Pashtun are living their best lives. Thats why majority of Afghanistan’s Pashtun population seek shelter in Pakistan, There’s no discrimination in Pakistan. Discrimination exist in eyes of those who believe in racial supremacist ideology. Paks lives as brothers.

Here are three most wanted Pashtun TTP terrorists hiding in Eastern Afghanistan:


Maulana Fazlullah is the leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a terrorist organization based in the tribal areas of eastern Afghanistan. TTP has historically maintained close ties to al-Qa‘ida. Since being appointed by the group’s central shura council in November 2013, Fazlullah has organized and directed several TTP attacks against Pakistani interests and has publicly blamed the United States for military operations against the group.

In December 2014, Fazlullah’s operatives carried out the most lethal terrorist attack in Pakistani history when its operatives killed 151 people, including more than 130 children, during an attack against the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan. In 2012, Fazlullah ordered the failed assassination of Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai who promoted girls’ right to education and publicly criticized Fazlullah and the TTP.

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is the leader of Jamaat ul-Ahrar (JuA), a militant faction affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). He reportedly operates from Afghanistan’s Nangarhar and Kunar Provinces. Under Wali’s leadership, JuA has been one of the most operationally active TTP networks in Punjab Province and has claimed multiple suicide bombings and other attacks throughout Pakistan. In March 2016, JuA conducted a suicide bombing at a public park in Lahore, Pakistan that killed 75 people and injured 340.

Mangal Bagh

Mangal Bagh is the leader of Lashkar-e-Islam, a militant faction affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). His group earns revenue from drug trafficking, smuggling, kidnapping, raids on NATO convoys, and taxes on transit trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Bagh has led Lashkar-e-Islam since 2006 and has routinely shifted alliances to protect illicit revenue streams while enforcing an extreme version of Deobandi Islam in the areas of eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan that he controls, particularly Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Born in Khyber Agency, Pakistan, he is believed to be in his mid-forties. Bagh is a member of the Afridi tribe. He studied at a madrasa for several years and later fought alongside militant groups in Afghanistan.

A recent murder in Karachi by police was exploited by treacherous ethno fascist ANP, PKMAP, PTM & Ashraf Ghani, President of U.S. control Afghanistan went on Twitter rant trying to portray this murder an ethnic discrimination against Pashtun, While in his own country Pashtun are kill on an industrial scale. Since 2001, Half a million Pashtun were brutally murdered by United States, NATO & its allied Tajik & Uzbek Afghanistan regime. Also millions of Pashtun were force to flee to Pakistan, Those who were caught were taken to CIA black sites or secret prisons & brutally tortured to death.

The ethno fascist party PTM also exploited this murder to incite people towards violence & to demonize & discredit Pak federation. PTM ludicrous demands of closing law enforcement checkpoints to facilitate 70 thousand Afghanis affiliated with narco traffickers, militias, foreign intelligence services to enter Pakistan much easily. Manzoor Pashteen & his gang should be incarcerated for at least 6 months. During the course they should be introduced with mind altering drugs like LSD & magic mushrooms, The reprogramming of these hostile individuals is necessary to safeguard the society from these evil individuals.

PTM is trying to create an atmosphere of mistrust in the nation towards security and intelligence organizations. While Army & law enforcers are putting their lives at stake to curb the facilitators, abettors, financiers and sympathisers of the enemies. Pakistan has always been strong and today it is invincible. Pakistan shall not hesitate from going to any extents to ensure its national security. Pakistan is fully aware of all covert and overt intrigues and intentions of its enemies. Gone are the days when Pakistan could be blackmailed by enemy proxies, criminals & terrorist will be dealt with iron fist. These hostile individuals should be boarded in a military plane & fly over the mountains of HinduKush & dropped.

Pakistan has had enough & will retaliate in a befitting manner & hurt its hostile enemies where it hurt the most. Pakistan won’t compromise, Pakistan Directorate S is the covert action arm of the ISI, its paramilitary arm, similar to the paramilitary division of the CIA. Its officers tend to be ex- Special Forces commandos, they are specialists in military tactics and training and can teach guerillas how to operate. When Pakistan retaliate then its enemies & its agents wont have any place to hide. Americans are being manipulated by Indians & Afghanis they need to be more independent & realistic in forming its strategy towards Pakistan.

Pakistan province of Punjab & its people are being demonized by PTM & other US funded organisations. While 100 million people of Punjab recognise themselves as Pakistani, The people accept millions of Pashtun migrants into the Punjab province. Pashtun are well integrated in Punjab. We’re Pakistani, our sectarian, religious & ethnic affiliations are secondary. And if we’ve to chose between Pakistan & secondary identities then we chose Pakistan. Its our homeland. We build nuclear weapons to secure our home & we wont let enemy divide us & takeaway our honour.

Representatives of all the peoples and religions live in Pakistan like one family. There is no discrimination in Pakistan. This is Paks great asset. Pakistan is a very stable, modern, developing country with a clear vision for the future. The unity of the people and government, right policy and achievements stand on the basis of stability reigning in Pakistan. All fundamental freedoms will be further ensured in Pakistan and the people of Pakistan will live in an atmosphere of freedom. Pakistanis have to prevent enemies attempts to incite racism, subnationalism & ethnic antagonism in Pakistan. There is security and stability in Pakistan, The source of this stability is the will of the Pakistani people and the unity between the people.

Manzoor Pashteen is definitely not a messiah but a devil incarnation. Afghanistan intelligence did a brilliant job with him. Manzoor Pashteen main objective is to portray Pashtuns as disenfranchised and being under threat to extort incentives for Afghanistan State, Pashtuns categorically rejected him and his PTM gang. Manzoor speaks Afghanistan dialect of Pushto, perhaps he adopted it in one of NDS training centre’s. Manzoor protesters wears Afghanistan clothing because most of them are Afghanistan citizens.

Pakistan Pashtuns are Federation Loyalists & here’s how they debunked Manzoor Pashteen:

“Pakistan Army officer corp consist of Pashtun, 200 Thousand Pashtun serves in Pak Army, 100 Thousand Pashtun serves in Intelligence, Islamabad,50% population is Pashtun, Manzur Mehsud doesn’t represent Pashtuns, Manzur doesn’t have legitimacy to speak on anyone’s behalf, Manzoor is part of international agenda against Pakistan Federation. Pakistan Pashtun will never allow this agenda of enemy to push through.” – Jan Achakzai

“PTM, We’ll do with you what we did with TTP terrorists, Pashtuns loves Army dearly, Army sacrificed everything for our security therefore we must fight those who disrespect them. COAS, If my own brother become enemy agent,put a bullet in him.” – Hubaib Yousefzai

“The Wazirs of North Waziristan don’t support Manzoor Pashteen, locals of Kurram and Orakzai agency might burn him alive if he enters there, so is the case with Mohmand agency and all FRs.” – Azaz Wazir

“Pakistan Government then in 80s should’ve never took afghani rattlesnakes as refugees, should have left them there in those caves on the mercy of Soviets, we made Soviets our enemies then for the sake of these pimps. We don’t need any land or those pathetic afghani tunnel’s rats as we have got nuclear weapons, the three things we need now are National integration, refined economy and perpetual security.” – Azaz Wazir

“PTM trying to give birth to ethnic divide only, being a Yousafzai Pushtun I would support all peaceful movements demanding rights but without maligning my country’s Army who fought for us. Pakistan and Afghanistan are two different countries and Pushtuns of both sides belong to their respective lands now – and PTM has no business with border fencing between Pakistan and Afghanistan. What do they have at stake there that dona tarparay shaway de?” – Shiffa Yousafzai

Hussain Amiri, Afghanistan citizen shed light on Afghanistan destabilising role in Pakistan Federation:

“Afghanistan supplied arms & ammunition to proxies led by Pacha Gul in Bajaur, In 1961, 1000s of Afghani troops disguised as militia invaded Bajaur, In 70s full scale propaganda of Pashtunistan was run from Afghanistan through radio broadcasted in Pakistan calling it a holy war. The relations with Pakistan suffered due to Afghanistan not accepting Pakistan at U.N the only country to do so. AfgAfghanistan assassinated Pakistan Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan in 1951.”

“Afghanistan was first country to use proxies in Pakistan which started in 1949, Afghanistan started shelling Pakistan villages in Balochistan, Afghanistan  burned all Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan. In 1975 PakPakistan Governor was killed in blast done by Afghanistan proxy of NAP, Under Najibullah, Afghanistan fired SCUD missiles in Pakistan the only country to do so killing civilians.”

“Afghanistan government still push for Pashtunistan which according to it will annex half of Pakistan, Afghanistan arms and supports Pakistani Taliban, TTP.”

“Afghanistan supporting free balochistan in 60s still continue to do so. Afghanistan funded and trained Baloch militants. Afghanistan safegured Baloch separatists leaders giving them Afghanistan land to use it for their operations which angered both Pakistan and Iran”.

“In Pak, Hazaras can protest for days for their rights & govt officials even Army Chief, Ministers meet them for condolences & negotiations. They’re referred as Pakistani, While afghan govt open fires on Hazara protesters in daylight, call them agents, mongols”.

“Afghan NAZIS killed 2/3 of total Hazara Population displacing them from their native land of Hazarajat many escaped to Pakistan settling near city of Quetta, estimated 450,000 hazara were killed 1000s of women were raped by Afghan. most gruesome event in World’s history.”


If today Pakistan Army call for Pashtuns to come out of their homes & march towards GHQ in solidarity with Pakistan Army for sacrifices it rendered in FATA/Swat warzone. Believe me millions of Pashtuns will poured in to support Army. If TTP disciple PTM want civil war, So be it. Army rebuild FATA with it’s own money & money from UAE/KSA, Army treated Pashtuns with respect & utmost love. Army fought sincerely to end terrorists sanctuaries in FATA, Army went into FATA without armoured vehicles, defenceless against IED, Due to love for Pakistan Federation.

When a civil war occurred by Afghan refugees/ agents then Pashtuns officers & Generals of Pakistan Army will be at the forefront alongside Pashtun tribes to eradicate Afghanis from Pakistan, It’ll be Afghanis holocaust. Today Pakistan is being targeted for defending Pashtun rights in Afghanistan, Afghanistan regimes did genocides of Pashtuns with Russians & Americans support. Pakistan supported resistance & hosted Pashtun refugees for 5 decades & spent 200💲billions on Afghan Pashtuns

Pashtuns are much more integrated into Pakistan Federation than anyone else. Pashtuns are living their best lives in Pakistan, Pakistan hosted 7million Pashtun refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan is the only safeheaven for Pashtuns. Pak always advocated for Pashtuns. Manzur PTM misguided innocent minds with propaganda, Only a tiny fraction of Pashtun mostly Afghan refugees & Afghanistan State agents support Manzur. He’s Afghanistan agent. PTM think by fear mongering bout Pashtuns being under threat they can instigate violent clashes.

Pashtuns fought alongside Army against TTP, Pashtuns fanatically love Pakistan Army, Pashtun respect Pakistan Army, Army liberated them. Army stopped US from annihilating FATA with B52 bombers. Army made sure that minimal damage came to civilian properties but it’s war. TTP consist of criminals from South & Northwest Pakistan, TTP never kill a single Afghanistan or American soldier. TTP received money for terrorism from Indian consulates in East & South Afghanistan

Tribal Pashtun like Siraj Raisani are true warriors. They always stand next to Army & FC, Pashtuns are highly educated, Pashtuns lived in Mansions in Pakistan, Pashtuns own large farming land in Punjab rural areas. Pashtuns are building Mega shopping malls, Pashtuns drive 💲SUVs, The more PTM gang disrespect Pakistan Army, It further fortify our resolve to defend our greatest Federation from enemies at the border & traitors within. We recognise the threat. We’re passionate bout our Federation & we’ll stop at nothing to safeguard it. Our enemies are doom.

Pakistan Army cleansed FATA from terrorists safeheavens & sanctuaries. FATA was terrorism epicentre. Afghanistan & United States accused Pak for not cleansing FATA, Finally Raheel Sharif did but now Nicholson & Ghani are busy running Manzoor PTM gang.

PTM Ideological Terrorism

  • Afghan Nationalists are ideological terrorists
  • 7 Million Afghan, Pakistan hosted are active part of PTM
  • Objective is to nullify & discredit Pakistan
  • Objective is to create discord among Pak citizens
  • Objective is Ethnic clashes, violence, hate

Pakistan Federation loyal citizens urge Federal government and Armed forces to blacklist PTM & it’s affiliates, Arrest them, put treason charges on them. They’re traitors of the highest order. PTM is political wing of TTP, Treat them as you treat TTP terrorists.

President General Zia Al Haq was the true leader of Pakistan Federation, He made Pakistan invincible, Zia build nuclear weapons & defeated Soviet Russia, Soviet deployed 100K Russian troops at our Western border & once consolidating power in Afghanistan, wanted to occupy Pakistan.

Zia liberated Afghanis from Najibullah regime & Soviet Russia

Najibullah, Soviets killed 2 million Pashtuns & forced 7 million Pashtun refugees into Pakistan

Karzai, Ghani, American killed 500K Pashtuns & forced 2 million Pashtun refugees into Pakistan

Zia Al Haq couldn’t be dethroned by staged protests so the American’s assassinated the great leader.

➡️Pakistan citizens of all origins stand by Army & Federation

➡️We urge Federation to began siege of Afghanistan refugees camps/hubs/safeheavens & force them out

➡️A ban on entrance of Afghanis

➡️Airspace restrictions

➡️Heavy tariffs on Afghanistan imports


Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani desire civil war in Pakistan, I’ve a message for him & his people. Not only Pakistan will obliterate ☣Kabul☢ Also the world would witness extermination of 3.5 million ❌Afghan❌ refugees in Pakistan. It took Afghanis 5 thousand years to build Kabul, A city of 5 million Afghanis, It would take Pakistan Federation less than 5 minutes to annihilate ☣Kabul☢


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