Muslim world rushes for aiding Türkiye to recover from earthquake

Türkiye’s 10 provinces were hit by 3 earthquakes in February 6. It is estimated that death toll may rise up to 70.000 while economic loss will be $84,1 billion.

Many countries sent their rescue teams to help Turkish counterparts to take people out of rubbles. Also, some countries promised to send financial aid. Till now, some countries and their aid amount they promised is as follows;

Qatar $1.6 billion

Pakistan: $117 million

Kuwait: $85 million

Saudi Arabia: $58 million

UAE: $53 million

Libya: $50 million

The entire EU: $3.1 million

When the amount is analyzed, it can be seen that the Muslim World was quite generous to Türkiye, another Muslim country. More aid from Muslim countries is expected to be remitted.

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