Pakistan is Heir to Mughal Empire

The ancient history of South Asia starts with Alexander Macedonia Empire conquests of the region. In this time period Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan was ruled by Alexander whereas India was ruled by Buddhist Maurya empire that was founded in today’s Pakistan.

Muhammed, The final prophet of Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam introduced the new world order. Muhammed forces swept across Arabian peninsula, took Europe by surprise annexed Spain. In eastward expansion of his empire Arabian warriors took Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan. It was during this time Islamic missionaries introduced Islam in Xinjiang, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia. In 711, Bin Qasim used newly conquered Iran territory to move his troops forward to capture Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab which are now part of Pakistan. This campaign lasted for several hundred years until rise of Mongols and Turkish warriors from Central Asia.

In 944 Mahmud joined his father Sabuktigin in the capture of Persian Khorasan, In 977, Abu Mansur Sabuktigin, A Turk born in Kyrgyzstan annexed Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan into his Central asian empire. Sabuktigin died in 997, Kandahar, Peshawar, Multan, Lahore revolted. Mahmud took reign, In 1001 he retake all above rebellious Muslim region under his control. Thus began the military conquest of Hindu India, Mahmud conquered much of India. Mahmud never planned to maintain military control of India because his main focus always had been retaking Central Asia.

In 1173, Mu’izz ad-Din Muhammad also known as Shihab ad-Din conquered Mahmud empire. Under his leadership Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India and Bangladesh were annexed to the empire. Shihab is attributed as architect of Delhi Sultanate which ruled India for more than three hundred years.

•Shihab ad-Din 1173–1206
—Founded Delhi Sultanate 1206-1526
—Reigned over modern-day Afghanistan, Iran, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan-Turkmenistan, Bangladesh
—Qutb Aibek, was the first Sultan of Delhi, and his Mamluk dynasty conquered large areas of India.

Amir Timur or Tamerlane was a Turco-Mongol conqueror, Born in Uzbekistan, great grandfather of Babur, The capture of the Delhi Sultanate was one of Timur greatest victories. Timur began his Persian Khorasan campaign with Herat, Kandahar. Later Babur in 1526 established Moghul Sultanate.

•Zahir-ud-din Babur
•Reign 1526 – 1530
•Born in Uzbekistan
—Established Mughal Dynasty 1526-1857
—Babur considered himself a Timurid and Chagatai Turkic
—He is considered a national hero in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
—Mughal Empire stretched from Kabul to Myanmar

In 1632, The richest Islamic empire spent a billion dollar in building Taj Mahal, an architectural masterpiece. Later on Pakistan replicated Mughal architectural history and build Faisal Mosque in Pakistani capital city Islamabad, It’s much superior architectural masterpiece. It costed 200 million dollars to build.

• In 1700 Aurangzeb ruled over 150 million subjects
•Mughal Empire ushered a period of industrialization
—Mughal Hind became the world largest economy
—Mughal Empire is considered India last golden age
—Ottoman-Mughal-Safavid, these 3 Turkish empires had military success using firearms, cannons.

Nader Shah belonged to the Turkmen Afshar tribe of Khorasan in northeastern Iran. Nader idolized Genghis Khan and Timur, the previous conquerors from Central Asia. In 1738 Nader Shah besieged and destroyed the last Hotaki seat of power at Kandahar.

In 1760, Hindu insurgents known as Maratha started it’s terrorism campaign against the Islamic empire. Mughal empire crushed it with brute force but it kept popping up. In 1761, Ahmed Shah, A Pashtun warlord defeated Maratha in a epic war that took place near Amritsar. The concept of Hindu fundamentalist state was born during this time period because there was a sense of loss amongst Hindus that Muslim ruled over them for 1300 years. Although Turkish emperors made Hindus richer than any time in history but culturally Hindus felt isolated, deprived.

In 1857, British empire occupied and abolished Mughal empire. It’s estimated that British looted 5 trillion dollars from South Asia Islamic, Turkish empire. Nearly 50 million people mostly Muslims were killed by British empire. Mughals were eliminated, smaller Islamic kingdoms were destroyed. British deployed divide and rule strategy by empowering Hindu radicals against Muslims, Muslims were persecuted by British backed Hindu terrorist groups. Under such circumstances Pakistani Muslims gain independence in 1947, Pakistani nation state safeguarded Muslims who ruled South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia for more than 1300 years. Today Pakistan is one of the strongest Islamic nation on earth with nuclear weapons.

The dignity and majesty of the Indian peninsula was highest during the time Muslims ruled over it; and the biggest blow that the British stroke in this important area was abolishing the eminent Islamic civilization.

Pakistan Fight Against Hindu India:

Under British rule Hindu extremist organizations were created to create a separate homeland for Hindus and cleanse the Indian mainland from Muslims who settled in India from Pakistan, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Middle east. Also forcefully converting those Hindu who converted to Islam in 1300 year Islamic rule of India. They had following objectives in mind;

Creation of Hindu Fundamentalist State that happened in 1947 by British
—Ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India that started from 1935 onwards
•Strengthening Hindu nationalism, extremism against Muslim and Pakistan
→Advocating use of rape against Muslim as a legitimate political tool
—Erasing history of Islamic rulers of Turko-Mongol descent who ruled India for 1300 years. India has significantly achieved all these objectives.

Hindu extremism has nothing to do with the Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde or Alexander Empire. It has to do with MODERN DAY Hindu EXTREMISM IN INDIA. BJP wants to turn India into a fundamentalist Hindu state. Hindutva is a Hindu terror movement. RSS is a group of Hindu militants, Modi BJP is very proud of its historic association with Hindu terrorists. BJP-RSS systematically dehumanise Indian Muslims. BJP election victory put India on the path to becoming a fundamentalist Hindu state. Hindutva ideologues have succeeded in wresting control of India’s permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies “deep state”.

When Pakistan is faced with a Indian neighbour that seems unchecked in its arrogance & its willingness to use military force in order to engender domestic political gain for ruling BJP, there’s no choice for Pakistan but to demonstrate its capability for self-defence. Kashmiris are currently dying in silence whilst the jingoistic pro-Modi Indian media continues to fan the flames of hatred & war. On 14 October, 1947, the BJP aligned Hindutva militia group RSS instigated a massacre against Muslims in Jammu Kashmir 2,37,000 were killed. India failure is its policy of aggression on Kashmiri nation. Indian armed forces must withdraw from the Kashmir lands immediately & unconditionally. Occupier India carried out a policy of ethnic cleansing against Kashmiri people, perpetrated war crimes. Indian Army has so far killed, raped and injured more than a million Kashmiris.


Indian Army is mother of terrorism on face of the earth which puts tyrants of all times to shame for their brutal oppression against innocent Kashmiris. Indian soldiers get away with rape and murder in Kashmir. Kashmiris are putting up a brave resistance against the world third largest army by size, still India is unable to subjugate Kashmiri nation. Freedom always wins.

27 February 2019, Pakistan Punished India:

In broad daylight, India suffered a humiliating military defeat on the morning of 27 February 2019 when Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jets that violated Pakistan airspace. Pakistan used its military power to actively punish India. This came as a total shock for the Indians. Pakistan gave India a “bloody nose” Modi’s military misadventure ended in failure following the downing of at least two of his country’s warplanes. In case of any other misadventure by India, Pakistan response would be even stronger than before. It would be more intense. India will face total obliteration.

→Pakistan airforce bombarded Indian army brigade headquarters compound, Indian Army Chief General Bipin and other top General Ranbir, Paramjit cowardly flew the base. In total 6 Indian military installations were targeted by Pakistan airforce, Indian army arms depots were totally destroyed.

→Pakistan airforce shotdown Indian airforce Su30—Mig21 warplanes, Mig21 was shotdown by PAF JF17 aircraft, wreckage of Mig21 fell into Pakistani territory, Indian pilot was arrested later he was released as a goodwill gesture by Pakistan. Su30 was shotdown by PAF F16 Viper, Su30 wreckage fell on Indian control territory. The Su30 pilot burnt to death. No Pakistani warplane was slightly harm during this air battle. Indian aircrafts targeted it’s own helicopter, killing 7 Indian airforce personnel.

→Pakistan Army also bombarded Indian army installations near line of control, ceasefire border between India and Pakistan in Kashmir.


Pakistan War Against Terrorism:

Afghanistan was created out of Persian Khorasan in 1893 by British empire as a vessel state that could play strategic role of keeping Soviet and British empires apart so that they don’t engage in destabilization in each other helm of power. To implement this gameplan British recruited Afghan warlord Abdur Rehman, Abdur Rehman was ethnic Afghan. The term Afghan was first introduced by Turkic people of the region. It was more like a slang for Pashtu people. Persian Khorasan was predominantly Turkic and Persian, They resisted this British attempt to give control of the territory they inhabited for centuries to Afghans. Thus began British backed Afghan campaign to subjugate, enslaved, ethnic cleansing of Khorasan largest Turkic ethnic group, The Hazara in Hazarjat.

Afghans began raiding Hazarjat, Afghan troops and militias raped thousands of Hazara women, childrens and killed Hazara men. In this onslaught, genocide more than a million Hazara were killed, enslaved, raped by Afghans. Hazara was forced to take refugee in Iran and Pakistan. This is how once largest ethnic group shrinks to 7 million people in Afghanistan, 1 million in Pakistan. Afghans remain 12 million people whereas Tajiks are 10 million. The ethnic hate that Afghans created burns Afghanistan in 2019 too. The Afghan wishes to carryout similar genocide against Uzbeks, Tajiks, Hazara, Baloch, Pashtun, Punjabi again.

Afghanistan is a failed state, Afghanistan doesn’t have any sovereignty or independence. Afghanistan will always serve as pawn in Pakistan enemies game. Afghanistan is dangerous because it’s weak, Afghanistan export violence & import wars. Afghanistan has turned into a safe haven for the terrorist organizations, such as TTP, BLA, PTM and ISIS. Afghanistan government provides financial, military assistance towards these terrorist organizations. Afghanistan never had a truly sovereign economy, such a broken state in a strategic location will always find some rich foreign patron to exploit it as a pawn in a larger game against Pakistan. This happened in respect of the British, Soviet Union, India and United States.


Here’s brief timeline of Afghan State aggression against Pakistan:

1893: British created Afghanistan
1950: Afghan troops and militias invaded Balochistan, In 6 day battle scores of Afghan troops were killed by Pakistani forces
1951: Afghan State assassinated Pakistani Prime Minister Liaqut Ali Khan
1955: Afghan State attacked Pakistani embassy, consulates
1960: Afghan troops and militias invaded FATA, Pakistani tribal areas. Pakistan responded by bombarding Afghanistan, thus forcing them to flee.
1979: Afghanistan communist government invited Russia to invade Pakistan
1980: Afghan State expelled 7 million Afghan Pashtun refugees to Pakistan
1984: Russia deploy 150K troops at Durand Border to invade Pakistan
1986: Pakistan shotdown 12 Russian warplanes
1988: Afghan State fired 17 SCUD ballistic missiles hitting Pakistani territory
1989: Russia left Afghanistan
1991: Afghan State fired 300 ballistic missiles on Afghan Pashtuns, killing thousands.
1992: Afghan communist President Najibullah killed by Pashtun militants
1996: Afghan Taliban took control of Afghanistan
1997: Afghans hosted Al-Qaida
2001: Al-Qaida did 9/11
2006: Afghan State created TTP terror organization against Pakistan
2007: Afghan Army attacked Kurram district in FATA, Pakistan repelled the attack by killing 50 Afghan troops.
2009: Pakistan Army liberated Swat, FATA from TTP
2012: Pakistani special forces commandos SSG entered Afghanistan, 11 Afghan Army personnel killed.
2014: Pakistan JF17 aircrafts hit 27 target in Kunar, 200 Afghan terrorists killed
2014: Pakistan Army liberated North Waziristan from TTP
2014 is the year when Pakistani special forces SSG entered Afghanistan to avenge APS and other Afghan terrorist attacks on Pakistan. JF17 lightning thunders also bombarded 27 targets in Afghanistan resulted in deaths of 200 Afghan terrorists.
2015: Afghan state hosted TTP and created ISIS in Nangarhar
2017: Pakistani artillery hit terrorists sanctuaries in Nangarhar, Kunar
2018: Afghan State created PTM to mobilise Afghan refugees against Pakistan
2019: Pakistani helicopters, artillery shells hit terrorist safe haven in Khost
Without Durand Border between Afghanistan and Pakistan there will be no Afghanistan, The only reason why Afghanistan exist is Durand Border.
2019: Pakistan Army completed building most of the border fence with Afghanistan. Pakistan has built thousands of forts, manned by Pakistani troops, equipped with surveillance, war fighting capabilities to stop the flow of Afghan State sponsored terrorists into Pakistan.

Today Hindu India and Afghanistan are natural allies against Pakistan, They’ve collaborated against Pakistan since their inception by British. Pakistan is strong enough to defend the principles of international law, especially sovereignty and territorial integrity, by militarily upholding the UN Charter. Pakistan will always respond robustly to any acts of provocation committed by any of its neighbours be it backstabber Afghanistan, arch nemesis India or deceitful Iran.

In April, 2019; 15 terrorists crossed from Iran camouflaged in paramilitary uniform martyred 14 Pakistani, among them 10 were from Pakistan Navy, three from Air Force and one was a coastal guard. Iran provides sanctuaries to anti-Pakistan terrorists. Iran is isolated, weak, sanctioned, is perpetually isolationist and now openly hostile to Pakistan. The terrorist outfit BLA carried out this Ormara terror attack have training and logistic camps inside Iranian territory bordering Pakistan.

India, Afghanistan and Iran are the top sponsors of terrorism in Pakistan. Thanks to the supreme dedication and sacrifices of the Pakistani Army and ISI, terrorism has been pushed back. Pakistan is now safer than at any time in the last 25 years. Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) continued to battle against terrorist organisations whether religious extremists like TTP or secular separatist extremists like the BLA. Both are heavily funded, protected & trained by Indian-Afghani-Iranian State institutions. TTP-BLA are responsible for martyrdom of thousands of Pakistani civilians and security forces personnel.


PTM is the new TTP:

PTM is another Afghan State funded organization that’s inciting, masterminding terrorist activities against Pakistani State, Although TTP and BLA are completely defeated but they still maintain sanctuaries in Afghanistan and Iran. PTM facilitates TTP in North Waziristan, A region previously known as terrorism Pentagon. PTM collaborated with TTP in several terror attacks against Pakistan Army.

PTM was named by DG ISPR as an extremist, anti-Pakistan group that receives funding from Indian & Afghan intelligence agencies. People’s Party support to PTM is a reflection of its past when PP supported terrorists in East-Pakistan, had its own terror wings Al-Zulfiqar, Lyari Gang. PTM is on a path of self-destruction which is why its responsible members must disown the group’s treasonous leaders and refuse to participate in any destabilizing activities.

PTM Mohsin Dawar advocated for drone bombardment of North Waziristan, the US fired 500 missiles in which almost 4000 civilians were killed. Whereas, NATO and Afghan security forces kill hundreds of civilian everyday in Afghanistan. Recently PTM top commanders Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar attacked Army checkpoints in which several Army personnel were injured. Later on both terrorists were apprehended by Pakistan security forces.

PTM terror movement has nothing to do with Pakistan second largest linguistic group known as Pashtun or Pakistan, It’s dominated by Afghans, Ideologically motivated by Afghan ethnic extremism, funded, organized internationally by Afghan State. PTM transitioned from passive militancy into active militancy by unemployed brainwashed hardline young generation of Waziristan. Pakistani should learn how to differentiate between factual news, propaganda, fake news in order to not be swayed by foreign-backed manipulation campaigns. Pakistani tribals are vulnerable to psychological attacks by Afghan State sponsored groups such as PTM.

Every kilometre of Swat—FATA was secured with the blood bath of martyred Pakistani soldiers. The REAL guardian of Pashtuns are not Afghans or PTM but Pakistan Army. Pashtuns were once part of Iran’s Azerbaijani Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, then British Empire & now part of Pakistan. So by nationality, motherland, Pashtun are Pakistani today. Pashtun national Identity—Pakistan, Pashtun loyality—Pakistani nation state, Pashtun mother land—Pakistan.

•Pashtun is a Pakistani identity, deeply intertwined with the Pakistani State
—50% of Pakistan Army are ethnic Pashtun
→Imran Khan is ethnic Pashtun whose political party PTI governs Khyber, Punjab province along with Federal government. Khan top ministers such as defence and interior minister are Pashtun. 90% of PTI members are Pashtun.
→Ex President Ayub khan was ethnic Pashtun who ruled Pakistan for nearly 2 decades from 1951 to 1969. The modern architect of Pakistani State, Army.
→Pakistan nuclear program mentor Abdul Qadeer Khan is ethnic Pashtun.


Here’s comparison of Af-Pak common linguistic groups:

Pashtun: 12 Million
Tajik: 10 Million
Hazara: 6 Million
Uzbek: 3 Million
Turkmen: 200K
Baloch: 200K

Pashtun: 35 Million
Baloch: 7 Million
Hazara: 1 Million

Pakistan is predominantly Urdu speaking nation of multiple ethnicity. Punjab region form core of its population whereas Pashtun always had been guardian angel of Delhi Sultanate, Mughal empire & now Pakistan Federation. Both region’s are vital for Pakistani nation survival. Pakistan 5 rivers flows directly into Punjab region therefore it’s region’s birthright to build dams and safeguard Pakistani water security and interest. Balochistan will totally support such initiatives whereas Khyber runs Federal and Punjab government. Sindh is already a desert therefore it shouldn’t oppose.

In 2018, Pakistan national hero Imran Khan become Prime Minister, Imran Khan is a national hero of Pakistan, He is a rebellious Pashtun with a pearl white character and galore of an Italian filmstar, a national hero and leader for the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan is indeed heir to Islamic civilization of the region. Here’s chart of rulers, dynasties that eventually led to formation of Republic of Pakistan.

Persian Khorasan, Pakistan, Hind:
🇹🇷Turkic Mamluk
Genghis Khan
🇭🇺Muizz ad-Din
🇹🇷Qutb al-Din Aibak: Delhi Sultanate
🇹🇷Amir Timur
🇹🇷Babur: Moghul Sultanate
🇹🇷Nader Shah
🇵🇰Jinnah Pakistan
🇵🇰Raheel Sharif
🇵🇰Imran Khan





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