Reminders of the earthquake

The last year most Swedish stores have asked me if I want to do an additional donation for Ukraine, with my purchase. Internet has been to the brink draped in yellow and blue. Vigils have been held across the globe and donation drives have taken place in capitals as well as villages. World leaders have fought to roll out the red carpet for Zelensky and open the borders for refugees.

That’s all fine, but tell me where does it leave us when the very same people who have been prepared to spend billions for a war, suddenly feel generous about some millions or less thrown to the victims of one of our times most horrific natural disasters? No vigils. No viral donation campaigns. No shopping additions possible. Here, not even a mention in the national news today.

I watched this short clip and cried. I cried for the thousands of victims, the blessed survivors, courageous rescuers, an orphan baby’s smile and all the dreams buried in that endless debris. I cried for the spineless Western world, that no longer care to hide it’s heartless face.

I also cried when remembering the Phillippine cleaners at the Airport, donating money for the earthquake victims to Turks coming back from Umrah. The Pakistani street seller, who donated the only coins he got that day. The rescuers relieved voices and Alhamdulillah every time a life has been saved. The many Turkish, Arab and Asian people, working night and day to collect and ship necessary items for their brethren.

I don’t see the “rich” part of the world doing a fraction of its part to help the earthquake victims. Not leaders. Not companies. Not people. I do see the beautiful rest of the world standing united to help the affected though, with all means, and that somehow restores my faith in humanity. Most of all I stand in awe of the people of Turkey and Syria, showing grace, immense courage and unflinching resilience.

At least 36,000 people are dead now. More than 100,000 are injured. Let that sink in and please do what you can to help!


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