Resurrection After Death

Here we would like to dwell on some of the proofs of resurrection after death mentioned in the Qur’an. However, these proofs have been kept very brief and are only intended to provide information. We intend to publish a more extensive and detailed article on the subject later.

1. Allah has placed in man’s nature the desire for eternal life. This is the greatest proof that He will make it eternal. For for Allah to put the desire for eternal life in man’s nature and then not to eternalize it would imply that this feeling was given in vain. This is contrary to His wisdom, mercy and justice. His wisdom, justice and mercy dictate the eternity of His servants. Death is not the beginning of nothingness, but the beginning of the eternal world, as all the heavenly religions declare.

2. Every government rewards those who serve it and punishes those who rebel against it. In the divine sovereignty that rules over the universe, it must reward its servants who believe and worship it and punish the rebellious rebels. In this world, it is not seen that those who obey – for example, those who pray – are rewarded and those who rebel and commit sins are punished. Therefore, there must be and there is another land – Paradise and Hell – where those who obey will be rewarded and those who disobey will be punished.

3. Allah is just. It is inconceivable that He does not intervene in the injustices and injustices that occur among people and does not ensure justice. Even though Allah’s justice is relatively seen in this world, the oppressors in this world often pass away in glory and the oppressed in misery. In order for the oppressed to get their due from the oppressors, there must be an afterlife so that the oppressors are punished and the oppressed are rewarded.

4. In the world, Allah shows us many examples of resurrection after death. For example, every night we sleep and die, and every morning we wake up and rise again. Every winter the world dies and is resurrected in spring and summer. In every century, one generation goes and a new generation comes. Surely Allah, who shows examples of resurrection after death every night, every year, every century, is also capable of resurrecting people after death.

5. The Qur’an often refers to the resurrection of the earth in spring after it had dried up and died in winter. This example is the clearest proof of the resurrection. Hundreds of thousands of species of living creatures that are completely dead in winter and have no individuals left are recreated in the spring, almost as if they were the same as last year. For example, some species of flies that were completely dead in the winter are recreated in the spring and fill the earth again. Also, trees that seem to have died in winter are given new life in spring, their leaves, flowers and fruits are rebuilt. The marvelousness of these rebirths and resurrections that we see every spring proves Allah’s existence and His attributes of knowledge, will, power and life-giving attributes. Therefore, Allah, who recreates, builds, gives life to, and resurrects hundreds of thousands of living species every spring, will surely resurrect the human species, which died in the winter of the apocalypse, in the spring of the coming resurrection, and create it a second time.

One of the verses of the Holy Qur’an that mentions the spring season as evidence for the resurrection is as follows: “Behold the works of Allah’s mercy, how He revives the earth after its death. Surely He is the One who raises the dead. And His power is sufficient for all things.”


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