Russia continues to supply weapons to Armenia

Russia is continuing to arm Armenia against Azerbaijan over Karabakh conflict.  Azerbaijan has retaken some of its occupied territories since September 27 and it is expected that Armenians will be ousted from the occupied area soon. However, news reports show that Russia continues to ship weapons to Yerevan. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said ’they destroyed $2 billion worth Armenian arms but Armenia’s arsenal does not get empty. Who is supplying them so many weapons?’

Analysts say that Russia is the main supplier of arms, thus it is the Putin government trying to halt a humiliating defeat of Armenia. In addition, Armenia’s war tactics are resembled those of Russia implemented in Syria, e.g. attacking civilian areas. While Russia sides with Yerevan, it also calls for ceasefire, a move seen as hypocritical. Russia is also accused of causing instability in Syria and Libya. Analysts fear that more Russian influence will create more anarchy in the region. Turkish journalist İbrahim Karataş claims that only Turkey is opposing Russian expansionism. He adds that despite this dangerous resistance, Turkey’s Western allies do not understand how valuable the country is for them.

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