Social Sciences, Animals and Zionists!

When colonialists, imperialists and occupiers invade a country, they usually start their genocide by demonizing the people of the region. This approach is used to ease their conscience. These powers, who see themselves as “civilized”, characterize the peoples they occupy as “uncivilized savages”. Especially in the aftermath of 9/11, US President George Bush used similar terms for the peoples of both Afghanistan and Iraq. For years, Western leaders have been using such terms for the peoples they exploit in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Zionist leaders, supporters of imperialism, have been using similar expressions for years about the Palestinians whose land they occupy. For example, before the recent attack on Gaza, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant referred to the Palestinians as “animals” and said, “We are fighting humanoid animals and we will act accordingly. Former Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi said, “Arabs are lice, Arafat is Hitler”. David Ben-Gurion, one of Israel’s founding presidents, said “We will reduce the Arab community to the level of lumberjacks and waiters”, while Golda Meir, a former Prime Minister, said “There is no such thing as Palestinians. There never has been a Palestinian”.

Another reason why Western leaders are comfortable with genocides and massacres is the social sciences taught in universities. For 200 years, social sciences have often been the exploratory arm of rulers and colonizers. Sciences such as anthropology, psychology, sociology and ethnology dehumanize the people of the country to be occupied. Social sciences legitimize genocide by putting forward ideas about the occupied peoples, such as “they are not one of us, they are cannibals or uncivilized”.

Anthropologists, for example, have for years portrayed cannibalism as a national culture of Africa. Hollywood movies have made this perception even more frightening. Western media spread the lie that former Ugandan President Idi Amin ate human flesh. Today, imperialists and Zionists try to invade a country they are going to invade by declaring its leader a “terrorist”.

It is also the social sciences that legitimized the US invasion of many countries. For example, sociology classifies societies: “property societies” are those with houses and buildings, while “hunter-gatherer societies” are those, like the Indians, who have no homes and eat whatever they gather. For this reason, he argues that hunter-gatherer societies cannot have land, and therefore the land they roam on can be occupied by so-called civilized powers.

One of the most prominent figures in this regard is Bernard Lewis, an American thinker who espoused the Zionist philosophy. Having been a historian, having worked in the Intelligence Service and having been on the winning side in the war, in all his books – seemingly academic ones – he tries to classify all those who are not in line with the West, especially Arabs and Turks, as “uncivilized”. For example, according to Lewis, slavery was exported to the “innocent” western society by Islam. The real culprits of the institution of slavery are Muslims, not Westerners. While this historian and politician sometimes defends the claim of “Greater Israel” as Israel’s right, he also advises against free elections in the Islamic world due to the possibility of Islamic movements coming to power and recommends supporting the tyrants and dictators in the region, even if he does not say it openly. This is why Edward Said characterizes Lewis as one of the most important living Orientalists.

In short, the holy resistance in Gaza has made it clear that a change is needed in the field of social sciences. The West’s understanding of democracy, human rights and international law only comes into play when it serves its own interests. For 200 years, the social sciences have been denigrating other peoples to legitimize the occupation and exploitation of the imperialists and their lackeys, the Zionists. Documents revealed in Germany have shown that the “Frankfurt School” worked for the CIA. This shows that it is time to throw books on all fields of social sciences into the dustbin of history. Then the intellectuals and academics of this geography should come up with their own concepts and books on each field.

This situation shows that the social sciences have become a tool in the hands of the ruling powers and that the knowledge in these fields is used in support of occupying and colonialist policies. This manipulation of the social sciences prevents them from being objective and impartial, which leads disciplines such as history, anthropology and sociology to deviate from their true purpose. Therefore, this situation calls for a restructuring of the social sciences and a more fair and objective approach. Such a restructuring will allow these disciplines to develop from a more accurate and balanced perspective.

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