Syrians furious about readmission of Syria to Arab League

The Arab League has readmitted Syria after a decade-long suspension of its membership. Although Arab regimes welcomed Bashar Assad’s Syria, the Arab population got enraged with the decision as Assad killed 500.000 Syrian Arab people and displaced more than 10 million of them.

Particularly, Syrian people taking refuge abroad protested the League’s decision. One of them was Razan Saffour whose parents were exiled from Syria in 1980s due to Hafiz Assad’s persecution, which is now inherited by his son, Bashar. Working for Dohanews.com as a journalist, Saffour shared her feelings in a twitter thread.

Saffour said;

Bashar Assad massacred a million of us. He killed my uncle, my aunt, my cousins — he gassed my other aunt, and rendered half my family refugees scattered across the globe. His father tortured my father in prison, broke his back and attempted his assassination in foreign land.

Assad the father killed my uncle and tortured my pregnant aunt until she miscarried. And Assad the son destroyed the homes of everyone remaining.

I have grandparents who died with a break in their heart for being deprived of their children, and uncles who died with broken hearts being deprived of their land. We have so much حسرة so much يأس travelling through generations. But what’s this to an Arab League?

What’s hundreds of thousands languishing in prisons to the Arab League? What’s millions murdered in cold blood to the Arab League? Our families who still live under bombs? Who were bombed in the wake of the earthquake?

What’s the stolen land of millions by the regime who can’t return even if they wanted to? Or those who can’t return in fear of death — or worse, forced disappearance?

But what’s rehabilitating a war criminal to the Arab League? Half of whom are complicit in war crimes themselves? In normalising with violent occupiers? Who detain their own people? And kill their own citizens? What is a little bit of war crime between “brotherly states”?

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