Terrorism-affiliated Turkish music band Grup Yorum gives concert in occupied Luhansk

The folk-rock group from Istanbul, Grup Yorum, known for its revolutionary songs, performed a concert in Lugansk, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

Known for supporting leftist terrorist organizations in Türkiye, some group members were jailed by Turkish courts. The music group continuously give concerts in Europe. Though European countries ban movement of ordinary Russians due to invasion of Ukraine, they do not touch the Turkish group.

Below is translation of the news story published by Ria Novosti.

Grup Yorum is one of the most famous music groups in Turkey . The main distinguishing feature of the collective is its high politicization, directed against American hegemony. Members of the collective have repeatedly publicly spoken out in support of Donbass , and some of its representatives came to the LPR in 2015 and 2023 as part of the “Anti-Fascist Caravan”.

“In every war there are two sides, and we are on the side of those who are fighting against NATO and the United States . We do not perceive this fight as a war between Ukraine and Russia . We perceive this war as a war of the United States, the European Union, both structures and NATO against Russia. That’s why we are here to show which side our team is on,” group member Sena Erkoç told reporter.

According to her, representatives of the group expressed a desire to hold a concert on the territory of the LPR as a sign of solidarity with the struggle of the people of Donbass against neo-fascism and for the reunification of the territories with the Russian Federation. According to Erkoç, Western media are hiding a large amount of information about the root causes of the SVO and the conflict in Donbass in general.

“The media is hiding this information. Therefore, the struggle continues not only at the front, but also ideologically,” said a member of the group.

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