The Jewish problem: The world will not see the light of day until the Jewish Leviathan is stopped!

The Gaza resistance, the saintly Palestinian resistance, has driven the Israeli thugs and their Western slaves crazy. It has proved what a savage monster Israel in particular and the Jewish power, which is in charge of the global capitalist system in general, is.

Moreover, the genocide in Gaza and the blood of innocent people slaughtered on live television revealed to the whole world how Western civilization has bowed down to Jewish power.

We are now in a position to say the following sentence very easily: The modern world is the work of the Jews, the modern world is the prisoner of the Jews.

The democratic (!) governments of the entire Western world applaud Israel’s massacres, while their people fill the streets and protest against their governments!

They are dumbing down the world: The world has been dumbed down by the Jews, and it was on full display everywhere. Even though US President Biden is suffering from serious health problems, while the massacres in Gaza continue in a chilling manner, they dragged him to Tel Aviv and made him kneel in front of the murderer Netanyahu!

The whole of Germany is acting like a slave to the Jews!

As you can see, the world has a Jewish problem.

This is evidenced by the fact that the Jews first dominate the world’s economy, then turn this economic power into weapons and subjugate the whole world to this Jewish power, which is concentrated in the hands of a few global cartels.

Bill Gates is one of them. Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, is one of them.

All the other big bosses of Hollywood and Silicon Valley are Jews and they use non-Jews as slaves. In particular, they do not hesitate to exploit the intelligent children of India (the talents that play the technological toys of the Jews well, but in time turn into puppets that play themselves).

The Jewish problem is basically the Jews’ sanctification of power, and when they seize power, they make all of humanity spew blood with that power. They convert this material power into armed power to the extent that they bring all of humanity to its knees, and they become so savage that they develop the most advanced technological weapons and rain them down on the innocent without blinking an eye!

The great thinker Heidegger, when he described technology as a “savage beast”, was probably well aware of this out-of-control – almost “limitless” – power of technology.

In the First World War, the Jewish-controlled airplanes of the American arms industry were used, and it was in this war, in which weapons that massacred people were used for the first time, that we saw how horrifying the weapons of war could become.

America entered the First World War to test its weapons of mass murder by dropping bombs on the masses and changed the course of the war. It was in this war that Jewish power declared its decisive victory and took over America from within.

The Second World War was a war fought on these grounds, which led the Jews not only to take over all the institutions of America and sow the seeds of the largest Jewish state in history, the United States, but also to build all the economic and political institutions that would allow them to use the world as puppets and to establish a new world order: As a result, the Holocaust of a century ago was transformed into a chilling propaganda and brainwashing industry, and a new inquisition court that subjugates those who do not submit to Jewish power!

At this point, Jewish power has become an unchecked force, with a few gigantic cartels controlling the world economy, dominating the world’s global institutions and organizing them as it pleases: It has left the world at the mercy of a savage beast, a Jewish Leviathan, a tyrannical, absolute state, ruled by the laws of the jungle, where social Darwinism prevails, where those who submit to its power are given the right to live, and those who do not submit to its power are not given the right to live, and where this can be defended by the most prominent (and very popular people, such as Habermas, the world’s greatest living thinker, who is almost 100 years old, and also Hariri).

The Second World War was a war in which a world order controlled by the Jews was established. A world order was imposed on the world that resembled the Leviathan / “monster” built on the two branches of the genocide industry I mentioned.

All institutions were developed in such a way as to build a tyrannical order in which Jewish power could be used at will by Leviathan, for example by turning the five permanent members of the UN into a cudgel to protect Jewish interests. No resolution of condemnation against the Jews in Israel passed at the United Nations was respected and no measures were taken to ensure that it was respected.

The world order was an order of tyranny in which the Jewish Leviathan declared its absolute dominance. It was global tyranny.

At this point, the world is at the mercy of the Leviathan, the Jewish Power, which has become a monstrous, soulless entity!

The world will not see the light of day until the Jewish problem, which is turning the world into hell, is solved!

Peace be upon you.

Translated from Yenisafak.com by deepl.com 

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