Turkish navy to install ATMACA anti-ship missiles to 11 more platforms

The Turkish Navy will strengthen its power with the ATMACA missile, which will be integrated into the warships it will add to its inventory.

Speaking at the SAHA MBA trainings, STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz announced that the ATMACA G/M Weapon System will be integrated into 11 naval platforms identified within the scope of the “ATMACA Integration” project.

The ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile, developed by ROKETSAN, will be integrated into 11 platforms designated by the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile

ATMACA, whose first flight test was conducted in 2016, successfully completed many firings during the test and qualification period. On October 29, 2018, the serial production contract was signed, and the first firing test of ATMACA on a surface platform was carried out from the TCG Kınalıada corvette in November 2019. Finally, ATMACA successfully hit the target in the test conducted in February 2021 with a live warhead configuration.

ATMACA, which can be used in all weather conditions, is resistant to countermeasures and includes target update, re-attack and mission abort capabilities. In addition, thanks to its advanced mission planning system (3D routing), it can be effective against fixed and moving targets. ATMACA uses the Global Positioning System (GPS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Barometric Altimeter and Radar Altimeter subsystems, and uses an active radar seeker to find its target with high accuracy.

With a range of over 220 kilometers, ATMACA poses a great threat to targets beyond its line of sight. ATMACA’s advanced and modern data link is behind its target update, re-attack and mission abort capabilities. The system, which can offer the most efficient mission profile, also has time-on-target, target destruction and target engagement operational modes.

ATMACA also makes a difference with its structural design. In line with developing technologies, the missile was designed using composite material technologies to reduce weight and increase structural strength, and these technologies were utilized to the maximum extent in the production of the missile. ATMACA, which was developed with domestic and national capabilities, will be used effectively by the Naval Forces for the protection of the Blue Homeland and will undertake important tasks in this field.

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