Türkiye to build a second corvette for Ukraine

According to the Ukrainian Navy, all construction work is being carried out in accordance with the schedule set out in the agreement. In view of the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022, the entire ship will be built in Türkiye.

This is the second ship of this class that Turkish Shipyards is building for the Ukrainian Navy. The first corvette, Hetman Ivan Mazepa, was laid down in September 2021.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine signed a contract for the construction of two corvettes with Turkish companies in December 2020.

Ukrainian Ada-class corvette

In July 2023, 2nd Rank Captain Volodymyr Uhlinskyi said that the second Ada-class corvette could be named after Hetman of the Ukrainian State Pavlo Skoropadskyi.

It was noted that the second vessel would receive a different propulsion system and MICA VL air defense systems.

The warship’s artillery armament is supposed to consist of 76-mm OTO Melara Super Rapid and 35-mm Millennium guns, although the Turkish 35-mm Korkut air defense system could be seen on the model of the first ship, which was presented to the first lady of Ukraine.

The ship carries eight anti-ship cruise missile launchers. As weapons for them, the Ukrainian side considered Ukrainian Neptune missiles, American Harpoon, Norwegian NSM, and Turkish Atmaca.

Also, Murene 90 Impact torpedoes were considered as anti-submarine weapons.

Source: mil.in.ua

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