UAE’s Significant Involvement Unveiled In Anticipated Israeli Strike On Rafah

Below article was published at emiratileaks.com on April 24

Israeli media revealed a major role for the UAE in the expected Israeli attack on Rafah in the far south of the Gaza Strip, a city that represents the last refuge for more than a million Palestinians.

Hebrew Kan Reshet Bet Radio, linked with the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, alongside the American Wall Street Journal, disclosed that the evacuation of Rafah’s civilians is slated within two to three weeks, in cooperation with Egypt, the United States, and the UAE.

According to the American newspaper, the UAE decided to support Israel in all possible ways in its upcoming attack on Rafah.

Meanwhile, the Hebrew Radio reported that the UAE stands as the biggest supporter of the Israeli government to continue its war on the Gaza Strip and eliminate the Palestinian resistance, whatever the cost of losses among Palestinian civilians.

According to the radio, Israel will significantly expand the so-called “humanitarian zone” in the Gaza Strip, as part of Israel’s preparations for a military operation in Rafah.

The announcement mentioned that the designated zone will exceed the size of the Al-Mawasi area in the southern region, stretching from the coast to the outskirts of Nuseirat in the central Gaza Strip. It can host up to a million Palestinians who may be compelled to relocate there due to the devastating conflict in Rafah.

According to the Israeli account, five field hospitals were established in the area in addition to the existing hospitals there.

The precise details of Israel’s planned military maneuver in Rafah remain ambiguous. However, it appears to have initiated a campaign involving acts of genocide and forced displacement, evident in the relentless bombardment of the area and the occurrence of atrocities such as house bombings.

Over the past few days, the Israeli military has mobilized two reserve brigades to take over positions at the corridor separating the southern and northern regions of the Gaza Strip. Consequently, the regular forces stationed there, namely the Nahal Brigade and the 401st Armored Brigade, have been deactivated to ready them for the impending invasion of Rafah.

Weeks ago, international diplomatic sources revealed that the UAE agreed with Israel and the American administration on a conspiracy aimed at increasing the humanitarian supply to the residents of the Gaza Strip as a cover for continuing the war against the Palestinian resistance and trying to eliminate it.

According to sources disclosed to Emirates Leaks, Abu Dhabi has forged agreements with Tel Aviv and Washington to alleviate the escalating Arab and Islamic discontent regarding the unfolding events in Gaza. This effort aims to address concerns over the deepening famine, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan.

The sources explained that Emirati officials pushed for Israel’s approval in coordination with Washington to ensure increased entry of humanitarian supplies, including intensification of air and sea aid.

As per the sources, the UAE aims to bolster humanitarian assistance as a guide to facilitate Israel’s ongoing military campaign in the Gaza Strip. This strategy is intended to weaken Palestinian resistance forces and hinder their ability to achieve any significant gains.

A few days ago, American media revealed a crucial Emirati role in protecting Israel from the Iranian attacks that were carried out on Saturday evening and raised fears of a widespread regional escalation.

According to the American Wall Street Journal, the UAE has specifically consented to sharing intelligence with the United States and Israel concerning the Iranian threat. Additionally, it has pledged support to Jordan by assisting in military endeavors to counter the Iranian incursion into its airspace.

As reported by the newspaper, Iranian missiles and drones were detected immediately upon launch by early warning radars situated in Arab Gulf states, which are connected to the American Operations Center. This information was then relayed to combat aircraft from multiple nations patrolling the airspace over Jordan and other surrounding countries.

The report further stated that Iran notified the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, of the general plan and timing of Tehran’s intention to carry out extensive attacks on Israel. This allowed these countries to safeguard their airspace, with the information subsequently relayed to the United States, providing Washington and Israel with crucial advance notice.

Source: emiratileaks.com 

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