Was Brazilian tourist raped because of Hinduist faith?

A Brazilian woman was raped by 7 Indians while she was in India. Rape is routine crime committed by Indian gangs.

According to Daniel Haqiqatjou, raping is related to Indian faith. Haqiqatjou said in one of his tweets that;

In Hinduism, people take the gods as role models.

This poses problems, because Hindu gods are frequently depicted as driven by sexual desire to sexualy assault others’ wives.

The god Indra is famous for sexually assaulting Ahalya (wife of Gautama).

The god Vishnu is famous for sexually assaulting Vrinda (wife of Jalandhar).

The gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are famous for engaging in a gang sexual assault of Anusuya (wife of Atri).


The god Krishna is famous for sexually assaulting the gopis.

Unfortunately, such religious texts have produced a culture of sexual assault in India.

Hindu extremists read about the behavior of their gods and then imitate it by sexually assaulting people’s wives.

Note: A lot of Hindus do not agree with the behavior of Hindu gods and are actually against sexual assault of people’s wives. Do not paint all Hindus with one brush.



Meanwhile, the Brazilian woman had visited Afghanistan which is under the control of Taliban. A photo she took in Afghanistan shows that she was respected well by Afghans.


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