What Türkiye should do regarding Israeli attacks on Gaza


#Turkish officials should stop making these comparisons because the events already surpassed them and no one gives a flying whale to #Ukraine anymore. The true colours of the #Western camp are uncovered.

👉 What #Turkiye should do is: (Several options are discussed)

A) Either adopt a stance similar to that of #KSA (which is very awful, but serves their interests)

B) Work closely with #Qatar and #Egypt on options that would solidify their stance & incorporate #Ankara in the #Palestinian issue via them (be carful not to take the credit for them as they seek to take it- especially in #Cairo’s case)

C) Make your limited options-case visible to the public so that you don’t raise hopes and ultimately undermine your credibility further. Work within the limits (Demand ceasefire, mobilise political and humanitarian diplomacy, influence in the #OIC and int. organisations, media exposure, non-gov efforts …etc. Create an official position for a guy whose only job is to bash Israel & the West. Don’t do it yourself -#Erdogan- & certainly not other indispensable officials )

D) Develop a #strategy that allows you to become effective player in the current situation. It should be a kind of a game changer.

In this sense, #Turkiye should:

1) Strongly call for ceasefire and lobby Muslim countries and willing counties to back this call in every possible way

2) Promote a swap idea of all prisoners in both sides including the #Palestinian leader #Marwan_Barghouti (should be a key figure in a new #Turkish strategy)

3) Suggest you can take in #Hamas leaders in return for #permanent #sustainable and real solution that includes the creation, declaration, and recognition of an independent & sovereign #Palestinian state. Absolute guarantees and immediate actions should be taken.

4) Promote that idea that #Barghouti can be a national leader for the free independent #Palestine and unite-lead the #Palestinians towards the realization of this goal

5) Consult with a small number of counties on this issue then wider it to include western counties

6) Make the case of a permanent solution rather than the tactical fixes being discussed now between #US, #Israel and several #western counties, including the possibility of installing #Dahlan in Gaza! (Yes, crazy! but we are used of crazy western ideas that end up creating more catastrophic situations).

7) This strategy can be developed further but am just indicating some main points

E) If you are not opting for any of these options, but you still want to be an active/effective player in the issue for a reason or another, adopt “a spoiler option”. Unfortunately, spoilers in the region gets more attention, more involvement, more respect , and more concessions from the western countries. But there is a cost for this role too!



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