Who would win in a war between Türkiye and Israel? Why?

by Van Yerrell (Quoted from quora.com)

If there are no allies involved. Türkiye if Israel attacks first. Israel would never do this as their military is primarily defensive.

Israel might be able to hold out for A while if  Türkiye attacks, this move however would require them to mobilize their entire military and reserves. This would leave them open to attack from Iran and their proxies such as Hezbollah.

Türkiye eventually overruns Israel in A war like this for for several reasons. I will also list and discuss Israeli advantages.

  1. Turkish population. Türkiye has A population of 79 million people vs Israel’s 8 million people. In A war Türkiye can outproduce and put more men in uniform than Israel.
  2. Geography. Israel is small and cant suffer A lot of damage in A war, Türkiye is way larger than Israel and could suffer A lot more damage as it is bigger.
  3. Larger military, Türkiye has A lot more aircraft than Israel. everything else is pretty close. They have close to the same number of tanks, artillery, apcs, ifvs, self propelled guns etc. In A war Türkiye could produce more of these items than Israel could.
  4. larger navy. The larger Turkish navy could be used to attack Israel from the sea after they eventually defeat the smaller Israeli navy. This coupled with A land invasion through Syria and Lebanon would be troubling for Israel.
  5. Palestinians. In A war Türkiye could supply the Palestinians with training and modern weaponry to fight the Israelis. A Palestinian insurgency with modern weapons is Israel’s worst nightmare. A Palestinian insurgency coupled with A Turkish invasion would wear down the Israeli forces.

Israeli advantages.

  1. Israeli mentality. Israel fights wars to survive while Türkiye fights war against enemies of the states such as the PKK In A war Turkish troops would not be as motivated as their Israeli counterparts.
  2. Nuclear missiles. If Israel is on the verge of destruction, they will use their nuclear arsenal to take their enemies with them. If Turkish troops reach Tel Aviv, the Israelis will launch all of their nukes at Turkish targets.

Things both countries do:

1. Israel and Türkiye both have indigenous military industries. They can each develop and produce military equipment. Türkiye has the advantage in that they can produce some aircraft while Israel only produces drones.

In short, If Israel invades Turkey wins. If Türkiye invades they eventually conquer Israel with high casualties. Israel simply can’t overcome Türkiye’s numbers advantage.

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