Why can’t a handful of Israelis be stopped?

by Nuh Albayrak

Stuck in the middle of a 300 million Muslim geography, Israel has been spewing death for three months, but no one can touch it. Everyone says, “America is behind it,” but this justification is not enough to explain the situation. Because everyone knows America’s Vietnam trauma, which has not ended for 70 years, and how it fled Afghanistan.

The Islamic states that have surrounded Israel have the strategic and economic weapons to lock the whole world. So why are these states silent? Why do the kings who are monsters against Muslims turn into a bunch of milk and milk cats in the face of the “Butcher of Gaza” who says “Sit down”?

The answer to this question is hidden deep inside!


Haim Weizmann, who assumed the leadership of the Zionists after the death of Teodor Herzl in 1904, realized that they could only establish the Jewish state with the British. With an agreement of mutual interests, they prepared a plan to “destroy the Ottoman Empire and build Israel”!

The 8th Zionist Congress in 1907 decided to “intensify cooperation” with the Union and Progress Party to overthrow Abdülhamid Khan. Thanks to this cooperation led by the Jew Carasso, Abdulhamid Khan was dethroned on April 27, 1909. The new cabinet, which included 3 Jews, took every decision the Zionists wanted. For example, the Jews, who could not get a title deed even if they owned land in Palestine, had all their lands titled with the law enacted in 1914.[1]

As the Ottoman Empire collapsed from front to front in World War I, the Jewish state was rising meter by meter. Britain announced on November 2, 1917 that they would establish a Jewish state on Ottoman lands, and 40 days later they took Jerusalem, but the state was not established!

The question then is this:

Why did they wait 31 years after taking Palestine and destroying the Ottoman Empire?

The answer lies in what the British did between 1917 and 1948.

Having handed over the Mandate Commissariat to Zionists like Herbert Samuel, Britain, with the help of Hitler, was moving all the Jews to Palestine and doing everything to intimidate the Arabs!

So what was happening around Palestine during these years?

On April 11, 1921, an “Emirate of Jordan” was declared under the command of the British. When the Jewish state was established, this “satellite state” to which the Palestinians would be sent would be very useful!

The perverted path called “Wahhabism” founded by Mr. Hempher was entrusted to the “Sauds” with the “Treaty of Jeddah” dated May 20, 1927! The Saud Kings were not to take any step against the British (i.e. the Jews)! This tutelage still continues. M. bin Salman, who was declared “Prince” in 2017, immediately traveled to London and pledged allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II!

Egypt, which is in the most strategic position for the Jewish state, was occupied long ago because it was Britain’s colonial route. Later, with names such as Abduh and his student Rashid Reza, trained by Cemaleddin Efgani, the future Jewish state was guaranteed not only geographically but also through recruitment.

Syria was entrusted to France! And Lebanon, as you know…


In those years, the Arabs, who could not bear the increasing oppression in Palestine, started the “Great Revolt” on April 15, 1936. Upon the rapid spread of this movement, which we can call the “Force-Nationalism of Palestine” (April 25, 1936), Amin al-Husseini, the head of the Islamic Assembly, gathered 6 Arab parties and established the “Arab High Committee”!

Al-Husseini, who assumed the chairmanship of this committee established to liberate Palestine, was a student of Albert Antebî, who was the director of the Alyans Schools in Jerusalem and worked hard for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. Al-Husseini, who also took lessons from Rashid Reza, who was trained by al-Afghani and Abduh, was a name appointed by the British High Commissioner Samuel as the “Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem![2]

Strangely, the Arab revolts led by al-Husseini were also financed by the American “deep” Templar Charles Crane.[3]

Let’s not drag this out… Britain, which secured Palestine’s periphery with colonies and its interior with recruits, had the state of “Israel” declared on May 14, 1948!

“If you ask why Egypt declared war on Israel, I would ask, “If Egypt had not declared this war, which it did not even move from its place, how would Israel have increased its territory by 2.5 times?” It is the same today! Looking at what is happening, one would think that the Rafah crossing is on the border with Israel!

In the end, Israel is the “Mysterious Sphere” that US President Trump and his two “governors of colonies” carefully guard between their palms! (2017, Riyadh)

The behavior of these “kings of tutelage” in Gaza must be evaluated from this perspective!


Jak Kamhi, one of the Jewish businessmen, said, “When we visited US President Jimmy Carter as TUSIAD in 1978, he told us that they were very worried about the spread of the Soviet Union. Paul Henze, the Middle East Chief of the National Security Council, said, ‘Islam forbids Communism’ and said that they would implement a ‘Return to Religion Project’ in this region!”[4]

Indeed, a year later, a coup was carried out in Iran and the “Islamic Republic” was established! (FETÖ was the Turkish pillar of this project.) The Islamic Republic of Iran, which gave the appearance of “the biggest threat to Israel” with its statements, actually enabled Israel to build one of the largest armies in the region thanks to these threats(!)!


Palestinians are not Wahhabis and Shiites; they are Ahl al-Sunnah. They did not collaborate with the British and did not backstab the Ottomans! Islamic(!) states like Iran and Saudi Arabia are more hostile to Palestinians than they are to Jews.

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