Why does a rabbi own PornHub?

Solomon Friedman is the new owner of PornHub. He is a Jewish attorney and rabbi. His private equity firm took over Mindgeek, the umbrella company of virtually every porn site.

He vowed to save PornHub from ruin and make it a better place.

But how?

PornHub is used to post videos where minors are raped by adult men. There’s an endless stream of 14-year-old girls being posted against their will. Besides the obvious evils of pedophilia being posted, the site can only do evil. Whether both parties engage in consensual intercourse or not.

So what did rabbi Friedman mean by making it a place for good?

Before PornHub came under fire for profiting off rape videos, anyone could post a video. Under Friedman’s watch, users are now required to be verified. Seems good right?

What Friedman doesn’t want you to know is that the people starring in the videos don’t require to be verified. Verification is just a license to continue posting rape and child porn.

Luckily, PornHub hired hundreds of in-house moderators to view the porn before it goes live. But who verifies these moderators? Imagine spending an entire workweek to ”verify” content for PornHub. What kind of person does that?

My guess would be a certain type who isn’t concerned with Christian morals or someone who is aware of the dangers of porn:

  • Brain damage.
  • Eviscerated dopamine receptors.
  • A skewed reality of sexual relations.
  • Social isolation.
  • Emotional numbness.

So nothing will change under Friedman’s new management. It seems like he’s doing damage control. Pretending to be more humane for the public so MindGeek can continue damaging the cultural fabric of society without much scrutiny.

MindGeek has actually developed a very sophisticated technology to snuff out illegal videos. Their algorithm to keep users hooked is unparalleled.

They’re more of a software company than a porn business.

MindGeek has no technological excuse for its crimes. It’s so easy to implement a KYC verification to filter out minors. It’s the same verification method you need to buy Bitcoin from an exchange.

But they won’t do it because it would hurt their bottom line. Even worse, the site would be significantly less powerful as a psychological weapon. And at its core, it would go against Jewish conduct.

Much like abortion and usury. Porn is a Jewish sacrament. Whatever the Bible forbids, the Talmud permits. This is the Jewish mindset and it permeates Christian society.

Jewish conduct is opposite world for a Christian. So it’s not surprising why a rabbi would run PornHub now. He is actually being consistent with his faith which not many Jews would like to admit.

He is consistent with the Jews who killed Christ 2000 years ago.

Source: ancestralvril.com 

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