Why is there the need for prophets?


All the proofs put forward regarding the existence of Allah, His attributes and names are also proofs of the truth of prophethood. Because every creature in this universe clearly shows that the Creator who created it has wisdom. It is also necessary for a wise creator to inform people why He created them by sending a prophet and what He wanted from them. Prominent Islamic scholar Bediuzzaman said, “The sun requires light, and light requires the day. Likewise, wisdom in the universe requires Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).”

It is a very clear fact that people need prophets. People need a prophet who teaches them things they do not know, such as faith, worship and morality. Just as they need a doctor, they also need spiritual doctors who will treat their spiritual illnesses. The following is stated in the Qur’an: ” Since We have sent you a messenger from among yourselves—reciting to you Our revelations, purifying you, teaching you the Book and wisdom, and teaching you what you never knew.” (Bakarah, 151).

Here, let’s talk about the proof of the truth of prophecy and the needs of people for prophets:

1. Only the prophets, who were interlocutors to Allah’s revelation and sent by Allah, teach us the principles of faith in a correct and healthy way.

People need a prophet sent by Allah to introduce and inform them about Allah. Throughout history, the majority of people could not find God and worshiped the sun, moon and idols; They have fallen into polytheism or denied Allah. Some people, such as Ibrahim (a.s), were able to find the existence of Allah with their minds. But they were in the minority. Moreover, even if a person can find the existence of Allah with his mind, he cannot know his attributes and names in detail. Only prophets can introduce us to Allah with His attributes, names and all aspects.

Also, faith is not limited to believing in God alone. It is not possible to grasp the other five principles of faith(Iman) with the mind. For example, only a prophet appointed by Allah can inform us about issues such as resurrection after death, reckoning, heaven and hell.

2. Only the prophets sent by Allah teach us how to worship and thank Him.

Even if people find the existence of Allah with their minds, they ask, “Why did Allah, who gave us unlimited and incalculable bounties, create us, what does Allah want from us?” They cannot find the answers to their questions with their minds. Prophets teach the reasons and wisdom of our creation, which we call “worship”, to the world of humanity. Only from them can we learn which worship, how and how much to do. Moreover, they not only teach, but they actually set an example for people by performing these acts of worship. For example, our Prophet (pbuh) said, “Pray as you saw me praying!” he ordered.

3. How to organize our personal, family and social life; Only prophets teach us morals and rules in human relations.

What are the things that are right and wrong, beautiful and ugly, beneficial and harmful in our personal lives? What will be the relations between husband and wife, mother, father and children in family life, relations between relatives, relations between people in social life? These issues often transcend the dimensions of the mind. People can learn how to organize their personal, familial and social relations only from a prophet. Otherwise, they will be exposed to personal, family and social problems. Life becomes unbearable. All the turmoil and troubles seen in individual, family and social life today clearly show this.

Doctors diagnose and treat material diseases, prophets spiritual diseases.

4. People need a prophet to organize their lives.

Just as Allah appointed a leader to ensure the order of animals living in groups, He also sent prophets to ensure the order of the human world. Bediuzzaman says: Of course, it does not leave human beings without a prophet.”

People living in groups need rules and laws in order to put their social life in order. Thanks to these laws, conflicts between people are settled, situations such as marriage, divorce, inheritance and shopping are regulated. These are prevented by applying deterrent penalties to those who violate human rights with acts such as theft, murder and injury. But first of all, there is a need for individuals and institutions that will determine these rules and laws in a fair and reasonable way.

The prophets sent by Allah and the shari’ah revealed to them determine the just rules and laws in the life of society and ensure social order and peace by applying deterrent sanctions to those who violate these rules and laws.

5. Prophets also teach us the benefits of worldly life.

Allah sent the prophets to humanity. While sending them, he sends them not only to gain the happiness of the hereafter, but also to gain the happiness of the life of this world. Many prophets taught people to make certain arts and tools.

For example, among the prophets, Adam (as) taught farming, Noah (as) the art of building ships, and Idris (as) taught writing and tailoring for the first time to humanity. God Almighty taught David (as) to make armor. The following is stated in a verse on this subject: “We taught him the art of making armor to protect you from the troubles of war. Are you grateful?” (Anbiya, 80).

6. All prophets, from the first prophet to the last one, are also proof of the truth of prophethood.

The truth of prophecy is not just an event that we can rationally call “possible”. This event is a fact that has taken place in person. The actual, actual, historical situation is the biggest proof that prophethood is true.

Many prophets have come in the human world from Adam (as) to our Prophet (pbuh). They conveyed the orders they received from Allah to people, and at the same time proved their prophethood with rational proofs and miracles. They led a life in accordance with the truths they conveyed throughout their lives, and set an example for people in their worship, morality and life. They did not do what they did for any personal gain, they only sought the pleasure of Allah. Most importantly, all prophets in different times and places have always invited people to the same principles – to Allah, the Hereafter, and good moral values. This is a fact.

When we look at the lives of philosophers, we often see that they do not follow the philosophies they teach people, they do not live, moreover, each philosopher opposes the other and refutes each other.

The alliance of the prophets shows that they are on a just cause.

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