Why is Turkey surrounded by Iran?

My writings on Iran do not stem from hostility towards Iran. Nor do they stem from sectarianism.

I am neither hostile to Iran nor hostile to Shiites.

On the contrary, I see and draw attention to the fact that Iran is committing a mass, chilling massacre of Sunnis, committing a great atrocity by saying ‘wahdat, wahdat’. Is drawing attention to this sectarianism?!

Sectarian Shiite Iran will massacre hundreds of thousands of innocent Sunni Muslims without anyone batting an eyelid, and when we protest, ‘What you are doing is an atrocity, you can’t do it!’, are we being sectarian?

No way!

Moreover, at a time when the Islamic world is passing through one of the most difficult periods in its history, when Muslims are in dire need of giving each other a shoulder to cry on rather than hitting each other on the shoulder, is it sectarianism? Is this unthinkable?

What needs to be discussed is this: Iran and the Iranians among us are constantly chanting ‘wahdat, wahdat’ and at the same time Iran is committing atrocities everywhere, shedding Sunni blood… Can we keep silent about this? Is this unthinkable?

Iran has shed the blood of nearly half a million Sunni Muslims in Syria. That’s easy! Unbelievable!

For what did you shed the blood of half a million innocent people in Syria?

Half of Sunni Syria was expelled from Syria!

There is a very big conspiracy here. The British, Jews and Iranians are plotting to redetermine the fate of the region from scratch, to both Shi’iteise the heart of Islam and to deliver a great blow to Sunni Islam, which is the backbone of the Islamic world by handing it over to Persian imperialism, to make it impossible for Islam to carry out a great civilisational challenge that will change the course of history, and to determine the next millennium!

This is also the encirclement of Turkey.

Not by the imperialists, but by its eastern neighbour Iran.

Why is Turkey besieged in this way?

For this reason: The only way to stop the Sunni world is through the encirclement of Turkey!

Who are you?

What are you doing in Syria?

Did you fight the imperialists in Syria, which imperialist did you fight by eradicating the heritage of the oppressed Sunni Muslims, by turning the cities of Sunni Muslims, such as Aleppo, into ruins, by massacring Sunnis in Aleppo and throughout Syria and Iraq?

You have committed massacres that the imperialists would not even dare to commit, and you still continue to do so!

You are despicable!

The Middle East has become your father’s farm: Israel on the one hand, the imperialist Westerners and their proxy warrior henchmen on the other hand, and you on the other hand are waging a great war, a great massacre that will eradicate Sunni Muslims!

May Allah damn you!

May Allah make you miserable!

The south of Turkey is being occupied and besieged by Iran, its Shiite neighbour (!) to the east!

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, the Gulf countries, Yemen and the whole Arabian peninsula together with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, the Gulf countries and Yemen have been occupied by the sectarian Shiite Iranian regime less than half a century since the revolution, the population structure has been massacred, the Sunni population has been expelled from the region, displaced from their homes, the Sunni intellectual, intellectual, cultural, social and historical heritage has been plundered, raped, raped and destroyed to the point that no trace is left!

Iran has redrawn and is redrawing sectarian and ethnic maps in Iraq and Syria, while looking us in the eye. It is playing with maps not only in front of our eyes, but also in front of the eyes of all Arabs and the whole world…

Nobody says a word!

All this happened after the Iranian revolution. Iran did not have a project of Persian expansionism during the secular Shah’s rule, nor could it have. It would not have worked. But when there was a revolution in Iran, Iran settled in the whole Arabian Peninsula step by step…

Persian expansionism gained momentum and took root not under the secular Shah’s regime, but under the so-called Islamist Iranian revolution!

This is a very thought-provoking and insidious strategy.

Iran’s concern is Persian expansionism.

The only concern of the Western imperialists (the Americans, the Zionist tutelage regime ruling America) is Shia expansionism.

Through Shia expansionism, the Westerners are fighting to stop and besiege the Islamic world and Turkey, which has been the founding, positioning and protective pioneering arm of the Islamic world for a thousand years, but has been trapped by the secular tutelage regime for a hundred years!

We, on the other hand, are not yet in a position to even see what is happening to us!

At this rate, Iran will settle in the region and the Sunni world will never be free. This time, in addition to Western imperialism, it will also be in the clutches of Persian/Shiite imperialism and will fight for life and death…

Just a reminder…

Source: Türkiye niçin İran tarafından kuşatılıyor? | Yusuf Kaplan (yenisafak.com) 



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