Why is Western media waging war against Türkiye ahead of the elections?

With only one week left until the elections, Western media outlets have once again launched an attack on Türkiye and its president, Erdogan. This week’s covers of The Economist, Le Point, and Der Spiegel have all featured Erdogan, portraying him as a “dictator” and an “Islamist dictator” in particular. They have also presented him as a “strong,” “authoritarian,” and “dictatorial” Ottoman sultan.

Der Spiegel has even gone so far as to compare Erdogan to Hitler. Why Hitler? I’ll explain that in a moment…

The Washington Post declared the May 14, 2023 elections as “the most important election in the world in 2023.” The Economist, a magazine that reaches 1.6 million readers worldwide, also used the same headline and demanded that Erdogan must go!

Not only that, but they even went so far as to threaten Türkiye by saying, “The defeat of Erdogan will have global consequences. And it will show democrats around the world that dictators can be defeated…” This is an outrageous and scandalous statement!

The Economist is not just any weekly commentary and analysis magazine. It is the semi-official organ of Britain’s Al-Ahram! It is the voice of its owner!

Why is this happening? It’s all about stopping Türkiye’s progress. Britain is one of the countries that sells the most weapons in the world. They are extremely uncomfortable with Türkiye’s participation and share in the world’s defense industry and market with UAVs, UCAVs, and more sophisticated next-generation defense technologies, including “smart” weapons.

They are also uncomfortable with Türkiye’s deep and silent progress in Africa, our rejection of their games in the Eastern Mediterranean within the framework of the Blue Homeland concept, our operations in Libya and Karabakh, our neutralization of Daesg, YPG/PKK in southern Türkiye, and our normalization of relations with Arab countries, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

But they should know that we will have our revenge against the British, who stopped the Ottomans and threw us into a dead end. We just needed a century to snap out of it!

Türkiye’s Africa overture drives the French crazy!

France is uneasy about Türkiye’s Africa opening, as it upends all of France’s calculations in the continent. Türkiye’s Africa opening exposes how inferior, unenlightened, dark-minded, plundering, and imperialist France really is!

France is still bleeding Africa dry: It not only moves rich mineral deposits and natural resources to Paris but also stages coups and creates chaos whenever it wants in French-speaking Africa, which was formerly its colony, in West Africa.

Türkiye’s Africa overture aims to open the way for Africans, not to exploit them. Just as in the past, Türkiye’s goal today is to open the way for Africans.

Türkiye’s presence poses a threat to French imperialist interests in Africa. Therefore, France is highly uneasy about Türkiye’s presence in Africa and does not hesitate to attack Türkiye in its media whenever it gets the chance!

German Der Spiegel magazine compared Erdogan to Hitler to mess with the Germans!

You will throw your assumptions out the window: Germany is not independent: Germany is a colony of Jews. The German state, intelligence, and economy are controlled by American Jews.

Der Spiegel is a magazine that was founded in 1947 as the German equivalent of American Time magazine. It publishes articles that protect the interests of globalists, which is the Jewish hegemony in Germany.

When it occasionally shows signs of escaping from Jewish control, it publishes operational intelligence news against the German state.

What does Der Spiegel hold a mirror up to? Events? What’s happening in the world, Europe, and Germany? Of course not!

Der Spiegel holds a mirror up to the power of globalists and Jewish power in Germany: For example, it equates Erdogan with Hitler on its cover this week. Why Hitler and not a Middle Eastern dictator? To hit the Germans! Der Spiegel once again holds up a mirror to Germans’ fascist past under the control of globalists.

Der Spiegel had published a 120-page Turkish supplement during the attempted coup and invasion on July 15. It was Der Spiegel who first uttered the nonsense that “there was no coup in Türkiye” and that Erdogan conducted a “controlled coup”!

Der Spiegel is a complete sham operation! It’s an “operation team” that targets both Germany and Islam and Türkiye!

Germany, which almost dominates the world automobile industry and market, is uncomfortable with TOGG. The arrival of TOGG, together with the arrival of the TGC Anatolian ship, heralds the arrival of a strong, leading Türkiye that advances on land, in the air, and at sea, playing in the first league. Germany thinks that Türkiye’s entry into the automobile industry and market could disrupt the market and German calculations and shake Germany’s hegemony.

There are those who think that the publications against Erdogan and Türkiye are made to benefit Erdogan and Türkiye and those who fervently defend this idea. This is very silly! It is really absurd to think that these publications would influence the elections in Türkiye!

They are waging war against Erdogan and Türkiye! They want to create a negative perception of Türkiye in the world. They are doing these publications to prevent investment in Türkiye, to prevent Türkiye’s growth and strengthening.

In a nutshell… Just as imperialists stopped the Ottoman Empire for the same reasons, they now want to stop Türkiye for the same reasons! But this time, God willing, they will not succeed!

God willing, this society will teach a lesson to England, France, Germany, Western imperialists, and those with Western-perverted enslaved minds who collaborate with them in the elections on May 14.

Source: Yeni Şafak

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