Why Pakistan Must Stop Harbouring USA Enemies

Pakistani politicians have failed Pakistanis throughout the history. They let us down while extremely benefiting from the lifestyle the State provide them of being in charge of Pak affairs. Afghanistan is one such example. Pak government spent $200 Billions on Afghanis & harbour Afghanis for decades. And the net result of that is they refuse to recognise any of the favours Paks did for them.

Not only this they curse Pakistan for all the Afghani race problems. No matter if that Afghani is a political or not. No matter if that Afghani lives in Afghanistan or as a refugee in Pakistan. No matter if that Afghani lives in Europe or America as a refugee. There is a consensus among 5 thousand years old Afghani race as they claim to be one that Pakistan is their existential enemy & they must harm Pakistan in any way possible.

With this indoctrination when father of a Afghani Terrorist Omar, who attacked a nightclub in U.S. burns Pak beloved General Raheel Sharif photographs as a sign of Afghani patriotism. One has to rethink it’s strategy in dealing with an entity that continously pose hostility towards Pakistanis. From assassination of first Pak Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan, till this day Afghani war against Pakistan hasn’t seized.

No process can work under these circumstances when Afghanis from all walks of lives inland & abroad hate Pakistan more than uncivilised Indians. Afghani State doesn’t feel ashamed of carrying out terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. They consider it as their Afghani duty to attack Pakistan in whatever capacity they’ve.

Meanwhile Pakistan is accused of harbouring the very Afghanis who USA think aid & abet 200 years old civil war in Afghanistan. Afghanis have been murdering each other for the past 200 years. One Ethnicity murder other Ethnicity for hegemony. That’s the root cause of Afghani civil war. Afghanistan is flooding Pakistan & world with Opium. One million Afghanis in Karachi pose national security threat to Pakistan.

One of the most hectic job for Pakistan would be clearing it’s urban city centres from Afghani refugees infiltration. One million Afghani refugees in Karachi export Heroin worth $150Billion to world markets. They also fund all factions of Afghani civil war to keep the Heroin flow up. Pakistan should deport them immediately to Afghanistan. They’re detrimental to US-Pak relations.

Pakistan should also unearth the CIA & DEA role in Afghani Heroin exports to Mr. Trump, DEA & CIA are the real organisations behind prolonged US war in Afghanistan. The American external intelligence agency has a history of working with drug traffickers to achieve strategic objectives in a conflict zone. Whether it be flooding Los Angeles streets with crack cocaine to fund anti communist war in Nicaragua or facilitating Afghani drug Lords to gain critical intelligence against Taliban fighters. Haji Jummah Khan was a major trafficker who was known to be the most efficient trafficker in Afghani opium trade history. Khan armed Talibans & paid millions in tax to them. CIA arranged medical trip for him to USA making him believe that he’s suffering from a deadly illness. When he reached USA, CIA briefed him on the cooperation they expect from him against Taliban mainly intelligence. Jummah returned to Afghanistan & played both side for quite sometime until CIA decided to take him down via drone assassination. When the hit was about to go down DEA rat out CIA plan and fly him to Indonesia upon landing he was extradited to USA. For More http://balochistanvoices. com/2016/06/jumma-khan-a-notor ious-drug-lord/

Due to Pakistan past open border policies millions of Afghanis have flocked to Pakistan. It’s a matter of great concern that Afghanis have organised themselves in such a clandestine manner that a large number of them recognise themselves as Pakistanis. For the betterment of Pak US relations Pak must expelled them now. Pak can no longer harbour enemies of USA, The Afghanis.

The month of February should mark end of Afghanis in Pakistan. Pakistan should halt entry of Afghanis into Pakistan. Every day 70 Thousands Afghanis enter Pakistan to harm & hurt Paks national interest. This has to end now. Afghanis should also be barred from landing in Pak. Pak should also disrupt Afghanis using Pak airspace for terror trade with Pak enemy India. Pak should shut down its consulates & embassy in Afghanistan.

The control escalation is necessary for any hope for future peace deal with Afghanistan. If Afghanis want to benefit from Pakistan then they’ve to start respecting us & acknowledge Pakistan core principles in Afghani Pak relations. If Afghanis continue to harm & hate us at a national level & disrespect us when we allocated 500 million US dollars for Afghanis bread & butter. Afghani president disrespected Pakistan in India, saying Afghanis don’t need Pak money & Pak should spend that money on themselves.

Things need to change now. Pakistanis will be brothers to those who love & respect us. Those who disrespect & hate us has nolonger any room in Paks heart anymore.

Meanwhile than 10 percent of the fence planned along the 1,456 miles (2,343 kilometers) of mountainous border with Afghanistan has been completed so far. The border fence will stop the flow of militants crossing into Pakistan, Pakistan also considers the return of more than 3.5 million Afghani refugees critical for peace. Pakistan also called on the U.S. to assist with the fencing and repatriation of the Afghani refugees.

It’s a free for all, Asif Pakistan foreign minister said, adding that as many as 70,000 people crossing the border a day. “These issues are facilitating terrorism.’’Asif said the roughly 600,000 Afghan refugees that went back to their home country last year have largely returned to Pakistan. He said the camps are breeding grounds for insurgency, and the international community must do more to help with the burden and conditions in Afghanistan for returnees.

American Empire relations with Pakistan 

Trump first year in presidency has passed without any major breakthrough he promised during his election campaign. The Clock is ticking on Trump administration. The Trump team McMaster, Tillerson, Mattis, Nikki Haley all failed to fulfil the objectives Trump set for them. Three years left. The biggest challenge for Trump is wasteland Afghanistan, In Syria & Korean peninsula, U.S. regional partners are sharing the burden of conflict but in Afghanistan, US has no partner. More than 2 thousand USA troops were killed & 22 thousand were injured by Taliban organization which mostly consist of country’s disenfranchised ethnic Pashtun majority in close to a 2 decade war.

While America bankrolled Afghanistan with more than 50 Billion Dollars every year for the past 17 years. The total expense of USA is more a trillion dollars. Afghanistan total economy is less than 4 billion dollar. The wealth America poured into Afghanistan make US backed artificial regime super rich. Since Afghanistan was formed a hundred years ago. They lived in caves & mud huts far away from the civilised world in literally stone age. In Russian controlled Afghanistan in 80s they spent 7 Billion on Afghanis every year. With US controlled Afghanistan comes unimaginable wealth in which the US affiliated government of warlords, criminals & ethnic supremacist thrives.

Why would Afghanis desire the conflict to end. They’re now billionaires thanks to American empire generosity. Trump tweeted in 2012, “Why are we continuing to train these Afghanis [sic] who then shoot our soldiers in the back? Afghanistan is a complete waste. Time to come home!” Training Afghan security forces and police remains one of the most dangerous and frustrating tasks for American troops. U.S. military officials say Afghan security forces remain dependent on American assistance and are not ready to defend their country without foreign help.

Now with a casualty count of 2,216 dead and 20,050 injured on the U.S. side. 2012 was the bloodiest year Americans killed by the Afghanistan’s security forces they were training. The high body count caused the U.S. to pull back from direct interactions with Afghani forces. In Afghanistan its important to differentiate between Dari and Pashto ethnic groups, because the two Afghani ethnic groups did not get along. Also Afghanis homosexual behaviour deeply disturbed US led coalition forces in Afghanistan. One described his experience as Afghanis  would squat down right in front of you and watch you work out. It was like they knew it was uncomfortable for us.

In a call home before the shooting, Buckley predicted his own death at the hands of Afghan ally, his father recounted: “Dad, I’m scared. I’m not scared about being out there fighting, I’m scared about being murdered at night while I’m sleeping. These people sleep underneath me. With these facts American military leaders are finding it hard to justify waste of American lives & wealth in Afghanistan. Therefore they’re coming up with lame excuses that Pakistan has a special division of operatives known as Directorate S thats responsible for US defeat in Afghanistan. American taxpayers bankroll 90 percent of Afghanistan’s defense budget. That’s more than $4 billion a year. Another $30 billion has been spent rebuilding this country.

In 16 years, the Afghanistan War has cost 2,400 American lives and $1 trillion. But with the country’s capital under siege, the end still seems far away. Nicholson is targeting Taliban leaders and their largest source of revenue, labs that turn opium into heroin. His goal is to do what his predecessors have tried to do and failed–force the Taliban to cut a deal. General John Nicholson, who leads the US troops in Afghanistan, believes America’s new strategy–more troops in, time limits out—will end the war. It’s something we have heard from previous commanders. While Afghani President Ashraf Ghani says the Afghanistan won’t last longer than six months on its own & would collapse if America leave Afghanistan.

Afghanis desire permanent US presence & continuous frenzy of American wealth into wasteland Afghanistan. Pakistan existential enemy India allied itself with Afghanis to push American empire in direct military confrontation with nuclear armed Pakistan. Pakistan is long term U.S. ally in the South, Central & West Asian region. Pakistan possesses more than 120 nuclear warheads & a large arsenal of miniature nukes that incase of America-Pakistan war can be shipped to East & West coast of US & detonated in New York, California etc. Pakistan military General who actually fought the toughest battle in the ground against Afghanistan backed militants says, The biggest threat to US National Security is strategic miscalculation. The US method to madness unfolded from one dimension to another, ignoring geography, history, culture and ideology. In their enthusiasm, the United States jumped from one plan to another in search of strategy as they lumbered on, never listened to anyone while they continued to do what they thought was the way forward. Ignorance and arrogance never go together. For More https://www.commandeleven .com/analysis/us-failures-in-a fghanistan/

Pakistan want mutually beneficial relationship with America, Pakistan want respect & realistic outreach from Trump administration. Pakistan shares a 2400 kilometres border with Afghanistan, Pakistan shares ethnic, linguistic, social & cultural relation with Afghanistan. Therefore Pakistan understand Afghanis more than American empire. Pakistan knows their weaknesses, Pakistan knows how to defeat them. Pakistan knows how to transform them into a modern civilised nation. Pakistan can fix Afghanistan problem for the USA.

Pakistan has 250K troops currently at the border with Afghanistan. On moment notice they can cross the border & takeover the wasteland. Pakistan capability to hold the ground will be game changer for the civilised world efforts to stabilise Afghanistan. Pakistan will first exterminate the terrorists in Afghanistan and then make the region livable again, all for the 3.5 million Afghanis we are currently hosting. Pakistan aims to send 3.5 million Afghani refugees in the country back to their homes in Afghanistan.

Pakistan can also form a coalition of its allies China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Azerbaijan to bring peace in Afghanistan. To fix Afghanistan problem Pakistan would need to drastically escalate the violence in Afghanistan. The only language Afghanis understand is violence. In return Pakistan want military, economic & diplomatic support from America. Pakistan want access to Gulf militaries hardware which is currently off limits to Pak due to US military sales agreements with Gulf State’s. Pakistan want US to write off its debt to IMF & World Bank.

Pakistan want U.S. support in India held Kashmir conflict resolution. Pakistan want America to not destabilise strategic equilibrium by enhancing India military capability & granting it membership of Nuclear Supplier Group & United Nations security council. Pak want better deal. If Trump wants to be re-elected. He need historic breakthrough in conflicts America is involved in. He need to take bold foreign policy steps to bring America right off from the abyss & to make America great again. Pakistan is willing to play a role if Trump administration desire.


Pakistan-Turkey Relations 

Due to constant threats to Turkish territorial integrity from Syria based terror militias, Turkish armed forces on directives of President Erdogan launched earth shattering military operation to completely annihilate & eliminate USA sponsored Kurdish terror gangs. Pakistan mighty military and nuclear forces will always stand by Turkish armed forces & nation. No power on earth can stand in our way. Turk-Pak enemies shall perish & meet the terrible fate.

Turkish Armed Forces Operation OliveBranch targets only terrorists and all cautions & sensitivity are observed to avoid harm to civillians. The number of terrorists neutralized has reached to 1100. The Operation continues successfully as planned.

The behaviour of dumb American’s will cost them losing the most strategic ally in the region. While Turkey suffered destabilization from Obama led Jihad in Syria. NATO withdrew its air defence system now complain why Turkey is buying S400 air defence system from Russia. Turkey allies understand that Turkey  wont compromise on its national security.

Turkey doesn’t need U.S. approval in defending its territorial integrity, sovereignty, national security, interest of its people & republic. Turkey doesn’t need U.S. hypocrites as an ally. Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan & other Turkish allies stand by Turkey & its beloved leader Erdogan.

American’s believes they’re entitled to disrespect & discredit sovereign States like Turkey & Pakistan. American warlords in Pentagon waste trillions of American wealth & thousands of American lives to fulfil the void in their lives. They’re the real losers. Turkish Armed Forces used it’s indigenous platforms in all domains of battlespace. Pakistan stand by its brother’s in Turkey. Pakistan Tanks, Missiles, Fighter Jets all its arsenal can be deployed on short notice for the defence of Turkey.

It’s the right time for us to form an strategic military alliance to face common threats Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Turkey faces in Karabag also known as Nagorno-Karabakh, India held Kashmir, Greece held Cyprus, Turkish border region with Iraq & Syria & Pakistan border region with Afghanistan. Together we’re the strongest, Our enemies shall perish!

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  • When we die in the battle area, when we fell the flag of Islam, we know that our brothers from Pakistan will come and rise it up again.. two nations one state, long live PakTurk ! Then we will destroy all these vampires propaganda machines like foreignpolicy!

    Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad Pakistan ❤❤❤???

  • […] Pakistanis had been advocating for Pashtun participation & leadership in Afghanistan. While Tajik in Afghanistan were saying to CIA after 9/11 attacks, Kabul is not a Pashtun city help us take it from Pashtun Taliban. With US support Kabul fell & Pashtun were not in charged. They were kicked out & anyone with Pashtun ethnicity was massacred by United States backed alliance of Non Pashtun forces. ISI said to Bush how bout you chose Hamid Karzai to be the President of U.S control Afghanistan, because we think he’s a Pashtun, We would be comfortable with & it would satisfy Pashtun population of Afghanistan. But Karzai turnout to be a snake like rest of the Afghanis & directed all American resources into funding TTP & attempted several times to manipulate American’s against Pakistan. In my previous writing i wrote bout this degenerate Afghani behaviour. More here why-pakistan-must-stop-harbour ing-usa-enemies/ […]