Zionist colonization of the Gulf

by Daniel Haqiqatjou

Any Muslim who thinks that the US-Israeli empire is simply targeting Palestine is dead wrong.

They want to destroy you. Destroying the Palestinians is simply a step towards this goal. Palestinians surviving blocks the larger US-Israeli goal.

The next step in the US-Israeli empire’s plan is gradual Zionist colonization of the Gulf, with Zionist elites being imported into Dubai and NEOM.

The Abrahamic house, the Abraham accords, and the aggressive de-Islamicization of the Gulf are being carried out to enable this.

The plan is to make Zionists part of a new Gulf ruling elite, with interests fundamentally at odds with the Muslim world.

It should be noted that the Israeli population is growing at an extremely fast rate. They have the fastest population growth of any developed nation. They do not have enough land. They will take Palestinians’ land first. But then they will send out a Zionist diaspora to the Gulf.

The power of a Zionist diaspora elite can already be seen in the US, UK, and France. These are three countries whose policies are fundamentally shaped by Zionist elites.

If you care about the future of Muslims in Makka, Madina, and the Gulf,

if you care about Muslims across the Middle East and across the world;

then, you must stop the US-Israeli project from moving forward.

The Palestinians are the heroes of Islam. They are fighting to protect the Gulf Arabs and the entire Muslim world.

They are not only fighting to protect Al-Aqsa. They are fighting to protect the Ka’ba and al-Masjid al-Nabawi.

Do anything you can to help them – they need your dua, your tireless support on social media, and whatever else you can give them.

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