Aaron Rodgers calls out secret societies in the US

Aaron Rodgers calls out secret societies including Bohemian Grove during a rant about Jeffrey Epstein and his high-power connections with Mossad and politicians.

Rodgers is wide awake.

Rodgers: How many Jeffrey Epstein types are out there? Who’s pulling the strings on that?

Tucker: Any guesses?

Rodgers: Ghislaine Maxwell has a lot of ties to the Mossad…

Somebody was putting [Epstein] in the right spots. There’s a ped*phile component to it as well, which is really sick…

Rodgers: You know about secret society stuff? Like the Bohemian Grove. And you know what Nixon said about the Bohemian Grove?

Tucker: He said like that they’re all gay, right?

Rodgers: Yeah… And the secrecy around that. And that’s not the only secret society. There’s a lot of really interesting secret societies…

And there is a s*xual component, I think, to a lot of that. Obviously, with Epstein, it was blackmail to get them to do what they wanted.

I mean, how many people are compromised by that, that are in positions of power today?

Quoted from @collinrugg

*Straturka.com to follow up what will happen to Aaron Rodgers after his above statements.

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