Biblical Israel and the State of Israel are not the same


by Daniel Prinsloo

(This is a repost of my article that nullifies the claim that modern day Israel is Biblical Israel)

There are a lot of Christian Zionists still defending Israel as God’s “chosen people” and say the Bible proves and states all Israel will be saved. They wrongly identify the Jewish nation as all of Israel. First off, very few of Jews today can prove that they are from the Tribe of Judah. That is where the term Jew comes from. Jews only represent 2 of Israel’s ancient 12 Tribes, Judah, and Benjamin. None of the other 10 Tribes were ever referred to as Jews.

Israel as a single Kingdom was only ever unified during the rules of two kings, David and his son, Solomon. This was from 1003 B.C. to 930 B.C. After this the nation was separated in two, The Northern Kingdom, and Judea, The Southern Kingdom as depicted in the attached map.

The 10 Tribes, Israel were captured by the vast Assyrian Empire in 722 B.C. and dispersed among the nations throughout the world. They were never and will never be Jews. They have different identities and nationalities now as Gentiles. Before the 10 Tribes were conquered by Assyria in 722 B.C. they were known as the Northern Kingdom, Israel, Ephraim, and Samaria. The Northern Kingdom of Israel, the Ten, and The Southern Kingdom, the Two were in constant unrest and even civil war.

The Southern Kingdom was known as Judea and Jerusalem. That is where the term Jew was established. After they were taken captive by Babylon in 597 B.C. Judea returned to Jerusalem as a small nation in 536 B.C. after Cyrus’s edict in 538 B.C.

The Jews/Judeans rejected Jesus Christ as Messiah. They had Him crucified. The Bible foretold this would happen through the Prophets. Christianity spread throughout gentile nations and up until today Christ is still rejected by the Jews and in extreme cases they blaspheme Him in their religious writings.

People, please if you want to make the argument that the Jews alone are God’s “chosen people” please go and read your Bibles.

Also, God’s promises to Abraham were to all of his descendants, that includes his firstborn son Ishmael, who is the forefather of the Arab nations. They have just as much, if not more validity to live on the lands God promised to Abraham, because they can prove that they are Semites, and also Hebrews. The modern-day Jews who are Ashkenazi and Khazars, have trouble showing their lineage. They are imposters.

Does anyone ask what happened to Esau’s descendants, the Edomites? Jacob pretended to be Esau, his brother, to receive the firstborn birthright from their father Isaac. Maybe Esau’s descendants are now trying to pretend they are Jacob. Just a thought to ponder over.

My last point is that none of this matters, regardless of what race, ethnic group, etc. you are. We are all equals before God. He shows no favor, and there is no such thing as God’s chosen people. We are all His people, even if there are people who believe in a God or not.

Zionist indoctrination over the past 100 years have blinded Christians to excuse the State of Israel of any and all wrongdoings, including this current genocide on Palestinians who were robbed of their homeland. The Scofield Study Bible played a major part by distorting Scripture, and modern-day Pastors with enormous followings like John Hagee and Greg Locke who serve their Zionist masters, not their congregations or Christianity.

Gaza as can be seen on the map was never part of any Israelite or Judean kingdom. Biblical Israel and the State of Israel are not the same. You can take the position that all I just mentioned is fiction. The reason I share this though is just to prove that the current validation by some for the State of Israel’s abhorrent behavior has no basis. Not in ancient writings or anywhere else.

There are some extremists who believe that the rightful heir to the throne of David is the British King, king Charles, who believes they are the direct lineage of David’s offspring. Look up the Stone of Scone to see that myth. People around the world will make ridiculous claims for the sake of power. If you lie, lie big.
Modern day Israel has as much claim to the land as Micronesians have.

In the times we are living in this rhetoric of “God’s chosen people” sounds similar to “The Master Race” and we all know how that turned out.

Thank you for reading and please research my work and hold it up to scrutiny. I also ask kindly if you would share my work which will help get the truth out during these times. My gratitude to all my readers.

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