AK Party’s manifesto for looming local election race

Since its inception, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has exemplified a party characterized by discipline and vision, mainly owing to the leadership qualities of its figurehead, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Whether in the smallest gathering or the grandest campaign, the party has consistently conducted its affairs with unwavering discipline and gravitas, addressing every aspect from A to Z meticulously.

After governing the country for over two decades, the AK Party’s operational methodologies have gradually become foundational, influencing even the practices of opposition parties over time.

When the AK Party goes to an election, it prepares a manifesto that puts together the general framework of that election and its principles while interpreting the spirit of that particular period. In this context, in the 2023 presidential elections, the AK Party has, in a way, demonstrated the depth of its political vision by preparing the 100th-anniversary manifesto of the Republic of Türkiye, let alone preparing a political manifesto.

Urban challenges

The matter of local governance consistently holds a prominent place in public discourse. Since the beginning, the development of cities has often been hindered by a lack of systematic planning and resource allocation. Varied as the situations may be from city to city, many urban areas have been compelled to contend with significant infrastructure challenges, encompassing problems related to access to potable water, road networks and the construction of health-conscious buildings.

The AK Party, as a developmental party, has not only carried out a development program across the country but has also reflected this excitement and motivation for development in the cities. The AK Party, in 1994, turned Istanbul, which was considered ungovernable, into a governable city and Ankara into a planned city with an established urban infrastructure.

The 30-year political tradition that started with the Welfare Party (RP) has made significant contributions to making cities governable with reasonable problems the municipal authorities can resolve, not only in Istanbul and Ankara but in Türkiye as a whole. As issues are solved by local governments, society encounters new problems. And after each problem is addressed, it puts new demands in front of their leaders. In this context, a decade or two ago, the predominant infrastructure challenges revolved around roads, water supply, sewage and air pollution. Things have evolved today, giving rise to new challenges, including social assistance, urban poverty and the emergence of more intricate urban areas as focal points of concern. Especially with the growth of cities and the increase in population, the traffic problem has almost become the most fundamental problem of big cities.

The AK Party, which prepares an election manifesto for all elections, has prepared a new manifesto for the upcoming local elections, perhaps surpassing all the previous manifestos and creating a political discourse that transcends itself.

Pioneering visionary approaches

The manifesto includes many topics ranging from infrastructure, the most fundamental problem of a city, to planning, settlement and economy. An administrator who embraces this manifesto will discover solutions to the most fundamental challenges. Applying the principles outlined in this manifesto, even in the most advanced cities globally, reveals remarkably significant visionary elements.

The AK Party’s manifesto comprehensively addresses the various elements surrounding the citizens’ urban existence, meticulously listing them item by item. The articulated vision possesses the potential to inspire cities across the spectrum, from the most underdeveloped to the most advanced, boasting cutting-edge infrastructure globally. As cities in Türkiye have predominantly overcome their infrastructure challenges, new concepts have taken precedence, encompassing the well-being of the urban population, the digital economy, and urban economics. Disaster master plans are developed for creating disaster-resistant and resilient cities.

The AK Party’s election manifesto draws attention to noteworthy chapters, including the energy consumption of cities, the promotion of “harnessing energy from nature,” and the encouragement of generating their own energy. Equally emphasized are the crucial aspects of “cultural development in the city” and the establishment of value through “cultural municipalism,” frequently overlooked amid the haste for development. Political parties usually commission manifestos crafted by advertisers, and the resulting texts often comprise vacuous, elevated phrases that may sound appealing at first glance but lack substantive political content. In contrast, the AK Party’s manifesto is a document founded on robust political principles, presenting thoroughly considered policies.

Hence, the AK Party manifesto, delving into novel subjects, emerging issues and a fresh vision, is poised not only to inspire the upcoming local election but also to embody a perspective that continually regenerates itself politically. It is a source of inspiration for the future, even after 22 years in power.

Source: Daily Sabah

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