Albanian government closes three FETO schools

Three FETO (Fetullahist Terrorist Organization) high schools have been closed in Albania with a governmental decree. Schools were learned to be Hafız Abdullah Zemblaku, Ali Korça and Memorial International School of Tirana. Operating via Sema Vakfı (Foundation), FETO has more than ten high schools and a larger number of primary and secondary schools in Albania. FETO also runs two universities, namely Epoka University and Bedr University.

Besides activities in education, FETO controls Albania’s Higher Religious Authority (Diyanet). Turkey has warned many times the Albanian government that the terrorist organization is indoctrinating Albanian students for its own ends. It is estimated that a considerable number of Albanian public clerks are affiliated with FETO and gathering intelligence for the group.

FETO had attempted a failed coup in Turkey in July 15, 2020. Turkish government launched a crackdown on FETO members to eliminate them from the state after the coup. Ankara is also in contact with foreign governments to close FETO schools and warn about likely dangers. FETO has a strong network abroad particularly in Germany, the US, Albania and Kyrgyzstan.

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