Aliyev sacks Chief of Staff allegedly for treason

Azerbaijan’s Chief of Staff Necmeddin Sadiqov was silently sacked from the post in recent days. Saqiqov was holding this post since 1993.

According to allegations, Major General Polat Hashimov and seven other high rank soldiers were killed by Armenian army near Tovuz city last month because Sadiqov gave their coordinates to Armenians. Hashimov was the biggest candidate to replace Sadiqov.

In addition, Sadiqov is blamed for the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Raguf Orujov  by Armenians in 2016.

Sadiqov also reportedly punished those soldiers cheering the arrival of Turkish soldiers to Azerbaijan for a military drill.

As per another rumor, last month, Sadiqov hardly debated with Turkish military advisors and said “If we are handing over our army to Turkey, let’s give our wives to Turks, too”.

Sadiqov’s reported treason was revealed by Turkish intelligence service MIT and put before Aliyev. The former Chief of Staff is under custody now and expected to be judged for treason.

A final allegation is that Sadiqov does not speak Azerbaijani Turkish well while speaking Russian fluently.

“Bu, Nəcməddin Sadıqovun Azərbaycan dilində ilk məruzəsi idi”

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