Did Iran get Arab states closer by attacking Israel?

Absolutely NOT. These are either wishful thinking or #disinformation campaigns. (Both in my opinion)

If something, the #Arab governments learned four things from the recent show:

1) The #US will only defend #Israel. For #Washington, #Arab govs don’t account = no credibility for US commitments.

2) The US is not willing to enter a war for a 3rd country even if it was Israel. Conclude whatever you want concerning what the Arab govs can get out of this.

3) #Iran might not be able to hurt Israel or afraid of a serious/real confrontation given the expected devasting retaliation, but Iran can hurt very badly Arab govs relying on untrustworthy US & not afraid of them.
Why they should risk all this when they can just make a deal with #Tehran! (Which is the same thing the US is doing: seeking a deal with Iran)

4) #Israel is clearly can’t survive without US support, and can’t depend solely on its own capacity to “defend” itself. This undermines the whole wishful thinking claiming Israel can and would defend Arab govs vs Iran.

It’s that simple in the current regional and international dynamics. No spinning can counter that argument.

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