Does the Zionist lobby rule America or does America rule the Zionist lobby?

Enes Bayraklı

There is a general belief in the Islamic world, in Turkey and in the world at large that the Zionist lobby rules the United States of America.

According to this belief, Zionists, who dominate key positions in the media, culture, arts and commerce in the US, direct US foreign policy according to Israel’s interests.

For example, according to this belief, the Zionist lobby led the US to liquidate one of Israel’s greatest enemies by invading Iraq.

Today, the US elites, who see themselves as the heir to the Roman Empire and a superpower, are also following a handful of Zionists, contrary to the national interests of the US. In other words, the Zionists had a superpower wrapped around their finger.

I would like to say at the beginning what I will say at the end; I strongly disagree with this view.

In the US, EU and Europe, lobbying is a field whose legal and political boundaries are defined by nation states. If your national interests are in conflict with the US, no matter how much money you spend, that space will not be opened to you. Therefore, countries like Israel and the UAE are playing in the sand where the US has drawn the boundaries. Countries like Turkey, on the other hand, no matter how hard they try, this space does not open up for them, because the US elites know very well which countries and how much space to open up.

But there is one point where this general acceptance of the Israel lobby is right, and that is the fact that the US and Israel and the Zionists are like flesh and nails. Here, the US is the meat and Israel is the nail. As we have seen many examples in history, it is also a fact that the US shortens its fingernail by cutting it when it gets too long.

But today we can say that the national interests of the US and Israel overlap on many points. This is why the US defines Israel as a strategic ally. Between 1946 and 2022, the US gave Israel 317.9 billion dollars in aid. Israel has been in the lead in US foreign aid since 1946.

To understand why this is so, we need to understand how and by whom the state of Israel was established.

First of all, Israel was established by the British Empire, the imperial power of the time, as a garrison state, as an example of the settler colonialism practiced by Western colonialists in many parts of the world. With the weakening of the British Empire, which was Israel’s main patron until 1948, this task was taken over by the new imperial power, the United States.

In a speech in 1986, current US President Joe Biden described Israel as the best investment America has ever made. In the same speech, Biden said, “If Israel did not exist, we would have to build an Israel.”

For years, the US has been taming the entire Middle East through Israel, which it has designed as a garrison state, and has been supporting dictatorial regimes and selling arms to these regimes in order to ensure Israel’s security. These dictatorial regimes, which are silent partners in every Israeli massacre, are becoming alienated from their own people day by day and cannot find a harbor other than the USA.

Therefore, Israel’s strings are essentially in the hands of the US. Today, the US has established an air bridge to Israel for the Gaza operation. A huge financial aid is also on the way. Therefore, the US is the main power behind the Israeli occupation and it is the US that decides when there will be a ceasefire in Gaza.

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