Israel is busy spewing lies about Türkiye

Türkiye’s Communication Director Fahrettin Altun responds to Israeli officials’ vile comments about President Erdoğan.

Altun stated following words in his X account ;

We are not surprised by the Israeli Prime Minister and Foreign Minister’s efforts to distract from their war crimes against civilians.

Just as the Israeli government has been spreading disinformation about their atrocities against Palestinians, their leadership at the very top is now busy spewing lies about Türkiye.

Our President Erdoğan has never been afraid of speaking the truth and will continue to do so. The whole world saw what the Israeli government has been doing in Gaza for more than a month. No amount of disinformation can conceal the facts.

As a politician who built his career on destroying any chance of peace for decades, Netanyahu obviously cannot handle hearing the truth about his senseless war targeting Palestinian civilians.

Netanyahu and extremist elements like him are perpetrators of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes. They have no interest in building peace in this region and they will continue to push for war at any opportunity they get.

The world must act now to push for lasting peace even though Israeli politicians insist on perpetual violence. We must deprive them of their worst instincts by uniting for a fair and just peace.

Once again, we condemn the Israeli politicians’ crimes against Palestinian civilians. They have already lost in the court of public opinion. They cannot hide this fact by attacking our leadership with lies and slander.

Despite Israel’s systematic warmongering and disinformation campaigns, we remain committed to doing everything we can for peace. Türkiye will never abandon Palestine!

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