Generation Z against Zionism

Finally, the American youth could not stand the cruelty of Israel and started protests in universities.

Protests are going on in many universities and it seems that they will continue.

Months ago, the president of several important universities, such as Harvard, resigned for allowing anti-Israel protests. Thus, it was expected that the fire of rebellion in universities would be extinguished before it grew, but on the contrary, the flames engulfed both students and professors.

Many students and academics have been arrested. The military is present at the demonstrations alongside the police and they show no mercy. In fact, it is the American state that is pitiful, but they do not realise it yet. Because the American state, which has been claiming to defend free thought for years, has gagged its own people when it comes to Israel’s massacre and put them all in police cars. American politics (economy, cinema, media…) has been taken over by the Zionists to such an extent that every truncheon is not being thrown in the name of the American state, but in the name of Israel.

Instead of siding with the people in the oppression of the people, politicians act as spokespersons for the lobby that buys them with money. And they shamelessly brand the protesters as pro-Hamas or anti-Semitic. However, the only complaint of the protesters is the brutal killing of civilians. Most of them don’t even know what Hamas is and why it fights.

Fortunately, the black propaganda does not work and people risk clashes with the police.

Let us remind you that the TikTok law, which is expected to be approved today and tomorrow, is directly related to the demonstrations.

According to the Zionist lobby, TikTok is poisoning the youth (!). Because the youth watch Israel’s cruelty mostly on TikTok and then revolt. Since TikTok is of Chinese origin, they cannot control Elon Musk in the same way they control Twitter.

That’s why they tell the Chinese company to either sell the American part of TikTok or close it down.

If it’s sold, it will be sold to Zionist businessmen. In fact, the people who will buy it are already known. In this way, a profitable company will be bought and the youth will be depoliticised by watching obscene videos instead of the murdered Palestinian children. This is their plan. A few days ago, the Chinese company said it would not sell TikTok. That means they will shut it down, but it will be very difficult for them to stop the American Generation Z from rebelling against Zionism. In fact, with the handcuffing of university professors, they will start to lose the older generation.

This is good news. No more slaughtering people and playing the victim.

In time, even American politicians who have sold their souls to Zionism will become more timid in their defence of Israel. It may take time, but God willing, all this will happen.

In this way, Zionist Judaism will be isolated and ostracised from the whole world because its true face has been revealed. But we should not expect them to stand idle. They are very powerful at the moment and they can still do whatever they want. If you remember, the Irish prime minister resigned a day after criticising Israel in front of Joe Biden. Now the Spanish prime minister is going to resign because of corruption allegations against his wife. At the moment, whoever speaks out against Israel’s oppression is sidelined.

But there is still a lot to be hopeful about. It wouldn’t be surprising if European universities also get involved soon.

In addition, public pressure will somehow force politicians to get their act together. In this way, state support for Israel will also diminish. It seems that this time conscience will triumph over money. And the youth will defeat the corrupt old politicians.

And in the end, the oppressed will defeat the oppressors or at least the oppression will end.

You know how the Zionists used to make a distinction between “us” and “the whole world”? That whole world, which was not even considered as human beings, has now started to wake up.

Moreover, the awakening is led by Generation Z in America, where they are the strongest.

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