Author - İbrahim Karataş

İbrahim Karataşİbrahim Karataş is a columnist at Yeni Akit, a daily newspaper based in Istanbul.


Re-rise of Nationalism

A new wave of nationalism has been affecting the whole world in recent years. Being a fruit of the French Revolution, nationalist movements changed...


Hypocrisy of free-press defenders

How much are those defenders of free press/speech free of their biases? A small investigation of their comments, press releases and shares at social...


Remains of Khashoggi (case)

Jamal Khashoggi was one of the most unlucky journalists of Arab world as he was a citizen of Saudi Arabia whose Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman...

Germany World

Dangerous rise of Germany

Germany is known for being the perpetrator of two world wars. While this fact is not mentioned as much as German economy and its prominent brands...

Germany World

Nazism still alive in Germany

Mesut Özil, a German player with Turkish origin, made a statement about unfair racist atrocities he encountered from many of German people including...

Turkey World

Why did Erdogan win again?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been the undisputed and absolute leader of Turkish politics since 2002. According to his fans, his...