Iran must be opposed just like Israel

Cracked painted concrete walls between the Israel flag and Iran. Concept of conflict or bad relationship.

Israel has been striking Iran and its proxy groups in Syria for years. But when their embassy in Damascus was hit on April 1, killing eight people, including two generals, Iran launched a limited attack on Israel on April 14 to save face. Not a single Israeli was killed in the attack with kamikaze drones and missiles. One of the Iranian missiles allegedly fell inside Iran, killing seven people. Three people were also reportedly killed in Jordan.
Last Friday, Israel responded to the attack by launching a limited strike. In this way, it saved its own skin and took so-called revenge on Iran. Moreover, Israel is in a hurry because it is going to attack Rafah in the Gaza Strip with the approval and support of the Americans. As a result, the snarling between Iran and Israel ended before it turned into biting and the massacre of Palestinians resumed.

Israel and Iran are two rogue states that disturb the peace of the region. That is why it is better for them to fight each other than to be at peace. Even three weeks of tension has saved hundreds of Palestinian lives. So the more they fight, the more they inflict casualties on each other and the oppressed will breathe. It would not be wrong to say that peace will come to the region through Iran-Israel conflict.
There may be those who support Iran in good faith just because it is a Muslim country, but in my opinion, this is a wrong attitude. Because Iran, like Israel, feeds on Muslim blood. We are all witnesses to what it has done in Syria. Hundreds of thousands of people have died at the hands of this country and its organizations. It is Iran that supports Armenia against Azerbaijan. If we look at a little bit of history, it can be seen that it fights only with Muslims. Because according to the Shiite understanding, Sunnis are an imminent threat. According to them, Sunnis must be destroyed first. If there is time, they will target non-Muslims, but this scenario will never be realized.

That is why it is essential to stop Iran, no matter which country does it. This does not mean that one should side with Israel. What we mean is that we should not only side with Israel but also with Iran because both of them harm Muslims and humanity. Because if we do not act with this logic, it is necessary to support every terrorist organization from the Muslim world, from the PKK to ISIS. If we pay attention, organizations such as PKK, FETÖ and ISIS also support Israel. FETÖ’s love for Israel is well known. Israel is known as “their favorite country in the South”. Recently, PKK members even traveled to Israel to declare their support. Among the aforementioned evil group, there will also be those who identify themselves as devout Muslims. But it seems that they are in such a state of blunder that they can approach a terrorist state that feeds on Muslim blood through the brotherhood of terror.

In such a situation, Iran cannot be supported. Perhaps it is a Divine decision to tame one oppressor with another oppressor. Let them fight each other, or if not, let them harm each other. When the gang in the neighborhood fights with the gang of the other neighborhood just because they are from the neighborhood, it does not work. Because until today, crimes such as murder, extortion and disorderly conduct in the neighborhood have been committed by the neighborhood gang.

Therefore, when watching these two states, it is better to watch silently as they beat each other up rather than applauding one of them. Because you don’t take sides between two evils and you don’t support them even in your heart. Ask yourself these questions; when your country is at war, do you get any support from either country? Will they side with the enemy?

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